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New for 2020, we have absorbed our sister site Hounddog Central and added a few of the hound dog breeds that were listed there. You can now find Hound dogs, Coon dogs, Beagles, Fiest and Cur for sale here. So if you're interested in buying or selling Bluetick coonhounds, Redbones, Black and Tan, Treeing Walkers, Beagles, Blackmouth Cur and Mountain Feist, you've come to the right spot.

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Butter Pheasant

Posted on Thursday 16th September 2021 08:53:20 PM

Butter chicken, or murgh makhani, is an Indian-English dish that is known around the world. This is my recipe made with pheasant. The tomato gravy is the star here, a creamy, rich and vibrant sauce that complements light game meats well.

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Oklahoma is more than OK

Posted on Friday 3rd September 2021 04:12:02 PM

Opening Day is the one we wait for all year long. It’s the time when we gather our family and friends, our dogs and favorite shotguns, and trade in every day life for the fields. If we’re lucky, the day falls on a weekend and we don’t need to make special arrangements. But if Opening Day lands during the week, well, then many of us mysteriously get sick. If enough of us bird doggers scrap work then the country’s gross national product might suffer. It'll rebound when we return, but if we miss the opener there is a good chance we won't. Belling dogs and following up points isn't all it’s cracked up to be; it’s much, much more.

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The Conflict - By Tom Word

Posted on Wednesday 4th August 2021 08:17:26 AM

A lawyer fears a conflict of interest like a foot-plowing share cropper fears a kicking mule. And so fear grew in me after on impulse I recommended Sweetie to John Bassett as a grouse dog after his beloved Jill went to her reward. That recommendation put me in jeopardy of losing both my two best friends and best client and principal source of referrals, and my regular quail-hunting partner and key to quail hunting territory.

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Heat Stress: Early Signs and Life-Saving Tactics

Posted on Sunday 13th June 2021 07:55:57 PM

Pet owners tend to think of their dogs in human terms. When it's cold, they want to make sure their pets are warm - to the same degree, literally, that they themselves are comfortable. At the Sportsmen's Alliance, we've even seen legislation banning outside dogs when temps drop to 32 degrees.

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Featured Gun Dog Ad of the Day

Posted on Sunday 19th September 2021 07:51:59 PM

Featured Bird Dog of the day. Ad created by JOANNA SHORE. #gundogcentral #birddogs #birdhunting #upland #wetland #gundogs #sportdog #fielddog #hounddog #dogsofgundogcentral #sportdogbrand #gearthewayyouddesignit #huntdogmania #wearyourpassion #LabradorRetriever

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Quail Saltimbocca

Posted on Sunday 19th September 2021 11:59:27 AM

I have this herb garden in my backyard that’s overrun with beautiful Basil. In the middle of it are these two lonely, but healthy sage plants. I was looking from something I could do with that sage and decided on making a Saltimbocca. If you’re not familiar with a Saltimbocca, it’s thin meat, generally veal, that’s rolled up with Prosciutto and Sage, lightly fried then cooked in a pan sauce of white wine and butter. In my last recipe post, I made a Pheasant Saltimbocca, and it was delicious, but after finishing that recipe, there were still some things I wanted to try with it, so I decided to attempt a quail version of it. A classic southern recipe is Quail wrapped in bacon, and since Prosciuttos is a cousin to Bacon, I thought the pair would be great together in this recipe. Fruits generally also pairs well with Quail, so I added some sliced peaches and cook them with my wine sauce, then topped it off with some Mozzarella cheese! It turned out great, I just wish my Quail had been a little meatier.

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Pheasant Saltimbocca with Basil Pesto Gnocchi

Posted on Sunday 19th September 2021 10:28:42 AM

I have a little herb garden that sits under a window in the backyard, it’s roughly 2 feet by 4 feet. I was hesitant about putting it in the backyard because it doesn’t get a lot of sun. The trees block the morning sun, and the house blocks the afternoon sun, allowing it to only get direct sunlight in the middle of the afternoon. We planted Basil in it last year, with no expectation that it would grow, but it did, and it flourished! We had more Basil than we knew what to do with. We made lots of Pesto, then my wife preserved what she could with Salt and Olive oil in mason jars. This year we decided to try planting it with a few other herbs, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, and Parsley, along with more Basil. The Basil came up strong and took over, we have these big, healthy looking Basil plants and very little of anything else. I do however have these two lonely sage plants, towering out of a sea of Basil. Everything else we planted in this herb garden, showed up briefly, then disappeared. I don’t know if we didn’t water it enough, or it the Basil just choked everything else out.

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Featured Gun Dog Ad of the Day

Posted on Friday 17th September 2021 08:51:41 PM

Featured Bird Dog of the day. Ad created by JIM HARRIS & MATT HARRIS. #gundogcentral #birddogs #birdhunting #upland #wetland #gundogs #sportdog #fielddog #hounddog #dogsofgundogcentral #sportdogbrand #gearthewayyouddesignit #huntdogmania #wearyourpassion #EnglishPointer

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Featured Gun Dog Ad of the Day

Posted on Thursday 16th September 2021 08:46:28 PM

Featured Bird Dog of the day. Ad created by ZACH COLLINS. #gundogcentral #birddogs #birdhunting #upland #wetland #gundogs #sportdog #fielddog #hounddog #dogsofgundogcentral #sportdogbrand #gearthewayyouddesignit #huntdogmania #wearyourpassion #BritishLabradorRetriever

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