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Pedigree Hosting

Jeff Davis
Posted 08/16/2011

Pedigree hosting is completely FREE. We've put a lot of time and effort into our pedigree system and we hope that you like it. This system will now remember every single dog that gets put into the system and try to auto complete your pedigree's for you, even if it's not a pedigree that you entered into our system.

I created this pedigree system as a community project. Together we can build one of the best pedigree research tools on the internet. As a community project, I've given you the ability to share your pedigrees with others. You'll have to ability to lock your pedigree to prevent edits, but you'll also have to ability to allow edits. Maybe you don't know the whole pedigree, allowing edits, allows other people to complete your pedigree for you or correct spellings.

Your pedigree will have a dedicated page that you can linked to from your our website. It will also create a PDF of any pedigree in the system that you can print out and hand to your customers.

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