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This information was contributed by : Ralph Minnitte


COAT Type of hair Short, dense and glossy, fine and shorter on the head, the ears, front part of the legs and feet. Colour of coat White; white with marking of varied size of an orange or more or less dark amber colour, white with more or less large chestnut marking; white with pale orange (speckled); white mottled with chestnut (roan-chestnut); in this last combination, a metallic sheen is appreciated, and a warm shade of chestnut is preferred, recalling the colour of a monks tunic. A symmetrical facial mask is preferred but the absence of a mask is tolerated.

SIZE AND WEIGHT Height at the withers between 55-67 cm. preferred size for males: 58-67 cm - preferred size for females: 55-62 cm. Weight between 25 and 40 kg. depending on height.


•  White w/ Amber
•  White w/ Chestnut
•  White w/ Orange

Bracco Italiano's for Sale

Bracco Italiano


Mr. Gus x Roxanne Barnett

Posted on 06/29/2019 - - Last updated on 08/02/2019

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