Irish Red and White Setter

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Irish Red and White Setter

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Do you believe you can keep up with an Irish Red and White Setter? Robust and swift, the dog is born for graceful running. They are naturally hunting dogs with an intense vigilance, always ready for an adventure, and will take great joy in exploring the world outside. Moreover, they are healthy, athletic, affectionate, intelligent, loving, and energetic, making them an excellent companion for children and other pets.

The history of the breed

The Irish Red and White Setter's history is as colorful as its beautiful coat. It is thought that this dog breed originated in the middle of the 17th century in Ireland. Their coat made them a favorite for the hunters that the demand for bird dogs almost made the extinct. In fact, World War I nearly wiped out the breed for good, but they were saved and repopulated through noble endeavors of numerous enthusiasts. After the war, they were distributed across Europe as they gained rapidly new intrigued buyers and owners. In the 60s, they were imported to the US and have continued to grow in numbers over the years. The breed was recognized officially in 2009 by the American Kennel Club.

The dog breeds appearance

As the name would suggest, these Irish dog breeds have white colors with red markings that make them easy to track in the hunting fields. Typically, the lower legs face and feet do not have the coloration but could have some flecks of red. Their coat is short and flat covering over most the head and body. They have straight feathering with silky furs on their abdomen, ears, back of the legs, and tail.

A Red and White Irish Setter is a large breed with a height of 62 to 66cm for males and 57 to 61cm for females and can weigh between 23 to 32 kg. With long muscular legs and deep chest, this athletic dog is ideally suited for hunting. While they seem to have a more massive build than the Irish setter, they are lean and have a distinct abdominal tuck that allows for tremendous speed.

Character and temperament

The Irish Red and White Setters are field dogs that have been deemed natural pointers. They have the intensity and stamina to hunt all day long and can naturally adjust to different conditions and terrains. They can locate the hunt, creep forward, and take a pointing posture, whether crouching low to the ground or standing at point.

Furthermore, the Irish Red and White Setters are friendly dogs making them excellent family pets. They are an active breed and will ideally settle with individuals who will fulfill their exercise needs. Besides, they are still working dogs and will behave as such during your walks and hunting episodes. They cherish roaming around their environments seeking out for scents, particularly in the woodlands.

Training and exercise

A Red and White Irish Setter is a brilliant and highly receptive to praise and so you won't have challenges with training once you find the right rhythm. Even so, the breed has a limitless abundance of energy and that will require you to challenge it throughout the training, so it doesn't get bored. You can go for shorter bursts of high energy rather than long training periods. Also, regular exercise is a necessity, thanks to its energy levels. You can make this fun by combining training and practice and use the time to teach your furry friend games and hunting tricks.

Health and nutrition

A typical Red and White Irish Setter is a very healthy hunting dog, and there isn't much concern regarding its physical health. Even so, as with any other breed, there are conditions that owners should keep a close look for. That can include cataracts, hypothyroidism, and hip dysplasia. Always seek veterinary care if you notice any health issues in your Red and White Setter.

Nutritionally, the dog doesn't have any significant concerns with diet. It is recommended that the diet be attuned to how active your dog is. Most Irish Red and White Setters do best on a regular source of high-quality dog food. Also, give scraps and treats sparingly and always maintain a consistent, well-monitored diet.

The Takeaway

An Irish Red and White Setter is a unique dog that will leave no bush unturned and will intensively investigate its hunting field. It possesses good speed and a keen sense of smell, making the dog an excellent hunting companion in almost all terrains and climate. Besides, it is an intelligent, loving, and affectionate animal with a sense of independence and an indomitable spirit.


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