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Its a Dogs Life which isnt so bad

Posted on Monday 28th September 2020 01:55:03 PM

It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we bird doggers are different. Most folks remember beginnings and endings. They remember their first day in a new job when they couldn’t find the coffee or the bathroom. They remember packing up a box with their belongings on their last day and walking out the door. Everything in between usually just blends in, but not for bird doggers. We remember the beginnings, the middle and all the way up to the end.

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SportDOG Brand® SportTrainer™ E-Collars

Posted on Wednesday 9th September 2020 11:45:30 PM

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Buck and Booty by Tom Word

Posted on Wednesday 9th September 2020 01:41:50 PM

Buck was handling and Booty scouting for Bootjack in the opening prairie championship of the season. The dog’s owner Fred Gray was riding in the gallery

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Hunting and training hacks by Scott Linden

Posted on Monday 10th August 2020 01:31:02 AM

Life is complicated. Hunting life is complicated times two.

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My Rule Number One: Don’t Bird Hunt For Business by Tom Word

Posted on Tuesday 28th July 2020 12:08:38 AM

Soon after I became a bird hunter I adopted a rule: Don’t take anyone bird hunting in search of law business. I had figured out you only wanted to bird hunt with a few folk who shared your love of the dogs and the sport, folks who were safe and not game hogs. .

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Pup’s first year … or so

Posted on Monday 29th June 2020 05:04:29 PM

Your hopes and dreams are wrapped up in that little ball of fur you just brought home. Training started the moment you gathered him up in your arms for the first time, and it never ends. It is a continuum of more and bigger distractions your dog must endure while executing a command, and “finished dog” is always a relative term.

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Cadillac Farm by Tom Word

Posted on Monday 15th June 2020 12:58:15 AM

My great friend Joe Prince, farmer and every-day-in-season quail hunter of Stony Creek, Virginia, died from a tractor accident I predicted in 1997. His brother, Dr. John S. Prince of Emporia, died of old age at 97 last month, having practiced as an Internist to age 90. They were alike as two peas in a pod, smart, hard working, opinionated. Both had served in WWII, Joe as an enlisted radar operator aboard troop transports to Europe, John as a Navy officer aboard a cruiser.

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You Can’t Just Have One

Posted on Monday 1st June 2020 11:23:46 PM

I love the saying ‘anything done in moderation shows a lack of interest’ because it’s true. My gun cabinet, my rod rack, my decoy rack and my kennels are all full. I’m immoderate, just like you.

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Timing is everything - by Scott Linden

Posted on Tuesday 12th May 2020 01:42:10 AM

Some day I’ll talk about “tells,” those little signs that clue you to when your dog is getting birdy, or ready for direction, or in need of correction. We’ll also talk later about timing your commands, praise and correction for that “golden moment,” when he’s amenable to them. But just like those indicators of readiness, there are times when you’re wasting your breath and your emotional energy. You can yell, scream, jump up and down, or do cartwheels and your dog will steadfastly ignore you.

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What you must understand about dog containment systems and e-collar training

Posted on Friday 1st May 2020 05:32:37 PM

Just like modern e-collars, the newest in-ground fencing systems, also known as containment systems, have improved life for dogs and their owners. A containment system helps keep your dogs from wandering out of the yard, which is great for their safety and your own peace of mind.

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Rare breeds vs Popular breeds - By Craig Koshyk

Posted on Monday 20th April 2020 09:05:50 PM

Breeders of the more popular gundog breeds sometimes use the term 'popular' to promote their breed; the implication being that 'A million owners can't be wrong'. And sometimes breeders of less common breeds use the term ‘rare’ to promote their breed; the implication being that their dogs are super cool ‘one in a million’ hunting machines.

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How your dog thinks … I think - by Scott Linden

Posted on Sunday 12th April 2020 11:09:47 PM

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.”

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Joe and Denny and Me—and Lucky - by Tom Word

Posted on Tuesday 7th April 2020 03:20:35 PM

In the summer of 1973, when I was thirty-five and a striving Richmond lawyer, I got an amazing gift from a more striving life insurance salesman hoping for referrals from me, an introduction to his brother, Joe Prince, perhaps Virginia’s most striving grain farmer, and after his crops of wheat, peanuts, soybeans and corn were up, most striving quail hunter.

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COVID-19 in Our Bird Dogs - By Shawn Wayment DVM

Posted on Saturday 21st March 2020 02:02:37 AM

The current status of our world today resonates like a Hollyweird thriller...I remember frighteningly reading the Hot Zone by Richard Preston while in veterinary school and thinking to myself how scary...good things that will never ever happen! Well...Hello 2020 hold my Corona!

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Running Spring Woodcock - By Tom Keer

Posted on Monday 16th March 2020 12:43:37 AM

A pro trainer recently asked me about my training bird bill.

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