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I've been making a lot of changes to the layout of the site recently, trying to make the site a little more modern. I know I'll some of you say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but these are hopefully are all things that make the site a little better. I've been receiving a few complaints from people saying they aren't able to post ads from their mobile phones. If you're having this issue, please let me know, I haven't been able to recreate it. It's possible that clearing the cache on your phones browser will fix the issue.

I've done a lot of work on the search filters for dogs. You should notice that now you have a lot more options to filter results. Sex, Country, When posted and Ad type have all been added to the filter page. There is a button there now that says SHOW MORE FILTER and SHOW LESS FILTERS, clicking it will display additional search options. You should also notice dark gray buttons at the top that display what's currently be searched for, simply clicking one of the buttons will remove that search filter.

I've had a few complaints about the the mobile navigation of the site. So I've updated the mobile menu with collapsible sections, that I hope will be easier to use.

If you experience any issues with any of these updates, please don't hesitate to email at gundogcentral at

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