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I've been fortunate enough to work with Hunt Dog Mania and the Anderson family for several years now. They are the hardest working, best people people I know!! Everything, all the products and support I've received from them throughout the years ...has been exceptional!! I encourage you to check out their newly redesigned website and their great products at Hunt Dog Mania. Use the code GUNDOGCENTRAL during checkout for a 10% discount. - Jeff Davis

About Hunt Dog Mania

Growing up I was so fortunate to have been supported and encouraged in my love for hunting and the outdoors. After getting the bug for hunting at an early age, the gundogs came next… which would be one of the trademarks of my life, and eventually my family. I spent many days hunting grouse, woodcock, sharptail, Hungarian partridge, ducks, and geese in the North country of Minnesota. Along with this, taking my annual trips to South Dakota hunting Pheasants with my English Springer Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers. I can still remember my entire family, my three young daughters and my wife Rhonda, coming along. They would hang out for the day at the picnic area, while I spent the day hunting, most of the time from daybreak to sunset. I just couldn’t get enough of the dogs and the hunt. Later moving the family to Texas, and getting our first German Shorthair pointer, mostly for Quail hunting & Pheasant trips, along with some field trails. My three daughters grew up in this environment and caught their father’s passion and they all hunted and became professional gundog trainers at our ranch where the Anderson Ranch Gundogs facility is located in NW Texas. Then of course we had to someway expand our passion to our everyday life… that is where Hunt Dog Mania was born.

We are so proud of Hunt Dog Mania, line of clothing and gear designed with upland flushing, pointing dogs and retrievers in mind. Our goals were to catch the love of our gundog hunting experience on wearables and gear. But we still wanted the latest greatest styles, fabrics, designs, because we wanted to look good while showing off our favorite breed. So Christine, my oldest daughter, our VP of Graphic Designs and Branding, started working with me to come up with the designs, clothing and gear to get HDM off the ground. You can read more about Christine in her bio in this HDM site under Meet the Designer.

I like the song by Allan Jackson “The older I get the truer it is, it’s the people you love, not the money or stuff that makes you rich.” Anyone that knows the Anderson Family, knows we love the people we meet through our life journey. The Gundog folks are very dear to us, like a family. We have hundreds of gundog friends all over the USA and beyond. Hunt Dog Mania clothing and gear has been shipped to gundog and retriever lovers/customers in pretty much every state in the US and Canada, and beyond. We hope in a world that is changing, we can keep our culture and pass it on to the generations that come after us. So I guess I would say Hunt Dog Mania is a depiction of our heritage and legacy that gave our families the culture we love. Let’s Wear it, Carry it and Drive it to those memories of our old hunting grounds, with our favorite gundog pointing, flushing or retrieving and that last shot game bird for the day. Be proud of the Hunt Dog Mania Culture! A legacy worth passing on.

- Todd Anderson
Hunt Dog Mania


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