Gundog Central turns 15 years old!!

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This year Gundog Central turns 15!! There's no way when I stated Gundog Central that I thought I'd be doing it 15 years later. I was 35 years old when I started the site, I was spending hours and hours every evening hacking away just trying to create it. I didn’t have a clue if anyone would even use it, I just knew it was something I wanted to do. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked a full time job while dedicating my evenings and weekends to approving ads and improving the site. For me, it still remains a part time job, but full time passion. A lot has changed in fifteen years, I’ve lost friends and family, got divorced, had multiply children graduate high school, became a grandfather twice over, got remarried, changed three jobs, moved 4 times, traded cars at least 8 times and traded dogs more times than I can count, but Gundog Central has been a constant … although the server might have crashed a few times along the way.

Since 2006, Gundog Central has been cloned and copied by others. I don’t claim to be the #1 site, but over the years Gundog Central has become one of the best places on the internet to buy and sell hunting dogs, solely because of you, the people coming to the site and sharing their dogs. I didn't start keeping stats on the Gundog Central until 2012, but in that time, Gundog Central has served hundreds of millions of pages to millions and millions of users. In the beginning I wasn’t worried about stats or even making money, I just wanted to help people sell dogs.

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at Gundog Central over the years, starting with the 2006 version pictured above. Boy does it look old now! Over the years I have tried to gently nudged the site into a more modern era, while trying to keep some aspects of the original site. I have rewritten the software that runs the site 5 times!!

The first major update to Gundog Central came in 2008, with version 2 of the site.

The 3rd version came in 2011 with a new updated menu system, interface and banner system.

The 4th version of the site came in 2012, with the dreaded orange site. I received a fair amount of complaints about the color and it was quickly changed. At the same time, I also launched Houndog Central, a version of Gundog Central dedicated to Hounds.

Above is the updated 2012 - less orange version. This version of the site probably survived the longest, living until 2019. Although most of the underlying code remains unchanged even today.

The fifth version of the software, planned for 2018, never saw the light of day, at least not on Gundog Central, although some of the code did make it into other sites. In 2019, I decided it was probably time to at least update the appearance and set out to modernize the site again with a fresh coat of paint. I reprogrammed the menu and banner ad system again, plus tried to tweak the mobile interface for phones and tablets. I also set out to combine Gundog Central and Hounddog Central, so I could focus all my effort on one site, instead of two.

2021 version hasn’t changed much from 2019, just small little tweaks here and there. I do have a planned sixth version of the code for the site, but it’s no where close to ready yet.

I personally want to thank Loyall Dog Food, who has helped support Gundog Central for more than a decade!!! They’ve been an unbelievable partner, for a very long time, I really do use and recommend their food. Also want to thank SportDog Brand and Hunt Dog Mania, their support over the years has certainly helped make 15 years possible. So many people and kennels have been on the site since the very beginning and still advertise today, I couldn’t possibly name them all, but Gundog Central certainly wouldn’t have been possible with you. Thank you.

I don’t know what the next 15 years hold, maybe I'll be retired, but here's to hoping there will still a Gundog Central around to help me find dogs!


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Wednesday 3rd March 2021 03:30:56 AM

Jeff you do a awesome job! I thank you so much for the help you have given me. I’m positive you have sold a few dogs for me over the years. Without you my website would be nothing. I thank you for all you done for me and the hunting dog world!


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