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A place on earth sublime
Where quail prevail
And pointers seek and point them
For men and women to swing guns to shoot them

Save in the second week of January
When the world’s best dogs come to seek and point them
Their handlers stomp to flush them
And they fly away to safety

And when the gallery has passed
The quail regroup
And wander through the wire grass seeking corn to eat
Wary still of predators avian and pedestrian
On the Heaven that is Chinquapin

By Tom Word


About the Author

Tom Word
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Tom Word is a lawyer who represents individuals about managing their assets and for amusement writes fiction and non-fiction about bird dogs and humans obsessed with them.


About the Artist

Leah Brigham
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After graduating from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Science in Art Education, Leah began teaching Art to inner city Middle School students in Houston and later Dallas, TX. Leah has shared with her students her passion for art and nature. This passion has sustained her and continued throughout her life in the form of painting and drawing.

Leah was introduced to American Field Horseback Field Trails and has been able to experience the excitement of seeing her own dog, competing for the National Championship at Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, TN ...standing on point, head and tail held high. This has inspired her to create works of art depicting dogs and the wildlife associated with the sport and hunting.

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