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In October of last year, it was announced that was shutting down their website and all associated services. Thanks to a Facebook post, I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire the domain name and a chance to migrate some of their clients to Gundog Central. NetKennel has over 20 years of experience offering affordable kennel related websites on the internet. We look forward to carrying on the Netkennel name and long history of excellent online service. was born in 2000 by a pair of brothers, Lance and Les, who started the service by building a website for their other brother Brad and his kennel. As other kennel owners saw Brad’s website, they started requesting websites of their own from the two brothers. Seeing the need for low-cost kennel websites that could be managed and maintained by kennel owners, they set out to modifying the software they had written and designed for their brother. They were able to create a single site that allowed them to host numerous kennel websites on one software engine. For 20 years, NetKennel was able to offer affordable kennel websites to hundreds of kennels around the world.

Gundog Central was started in very much the same way. After purchasing my first bird dog from Garry Surratt at Pinehill Kennels, I offered to recreate his website in a way that he could easily add, update, and delete dogs from his own site, without the need of a costly, dedicated webmaster to do it for him. As other kennels started to notice Pinehill’s website, they started to approach me about creating a version of it for their own kennel. After having built several of these kennel websites and I started to visualize a centralized place for these kennels to advertise their dogs and services. I eventually modified the kennel software I had written for them, and in 2006, Gundog Central came online. For over 15 years, we’ve has been offering affordable kennel websites under the Gundog Central brand, that are easily updated and maintained by kennel operators.

I’ve been super busy the past few months migrating websites from NetKennel to Gundog Central. Each website would take me several weeks to recreate in my engine, but I’m excited to finally have them all migrated over. I’d like to welcome the following kennels to the Gundog Central. I know many of you have been with NetKennel since the beginning and I truly appreciate the chance to host your kennel.


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