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Posted 08/20/2023

Upland hunting is a great way to enjoy the outdoors; for people new to hunting and especially upland hunting, learning some standard terms and slang words can be helpful when talking with other hunters. This list is not a definitive list of upland bird hunting terms. This list is intended to get the novice hunter quickly up to speed so you can spend more time hunting and less time wondering what your fellow hunters are discussing.

Air washed: A bird that gives off minimal scent after landing. The bird can be dead or alive. A bird that is air-washed can be challenging for dogs to locate.

Bird Strap: Used to hold birds you harvest in place of the strap vest. Also, very common in waterfowl hunting.

Blockers: Hunters standing at the field's edge to prevent birds from running away. This is very common in pheasant hunting.

Briar/Brush Pants: Pants designed not to tear while walking through thorny underbrush brush. These pants typically have an extra layer of fabric sewn unto the front of the pants.

Busted Covey: When a covey of birds is flushed by mistake.

Chaps: Worn as an outer layer over pants. They commonly attach to belt loops. These can be worn in place of briar/brush pants.

Cover: Refers to ground vegetation where upland birds are commonly found.

Covey: A group of game birds huddled together on the ground. Usually, at least five birds make a covey.

Dead Point: When a dog points at a dead bird instead of retrieving it.

Devil Bird: Nickname for Chukar. This nickname is because of the tough chase this bird will give hunters.

Ditch Chicken: Nickname for pheasant. They are known as a ditch chicken because they are often found in roadside ditches.

Fire Bird: Nickname for Bobwhite Quail. Given this nickname because this bird thrives in freshly burned areas.

Flush: When birds like quail fly from their hiding place on the ground.

Flushing Dog: This type of dog will force a bird to fly by chasing or "flushing" the bird from its hiding place.

Ground Scent: Scent that a bird has left on the ground. Ground scent can sometimes confuse a dog if the bird is running.

Guide: A person hired to take hunters afield. They usually have scouted the area and will be responsible for the hunting dogs.

Hack Handler: Someone who gives their dog too many or unnecessary commands while handling a dog.

Handler: This person controls the hunting dog by giving commands to the dog. This person can also be the guide for the hunt.

Over and Under: A type of shotgun that has two barrels that are stacked on top of each other.

Pointing Dog: This type of dog will "point" at birds when they find them. The dog uses its nose and face to point toward the bird. When a dog is on point, it alerts the hunter that a bird is there.

Pump Shotgun: A single barrel shotgun that is loaded and unloaded by moving the fore end grip of the gun back and forth.
Semi Auto Shotgun: This is a single barrel shotgun that can.

Side by Side: A type of shotgun with two barrels stacked horizontally next to each other.

Strap Vest: Or simply, vest. A strap vest is worn as an outer layer. It carries the gear needed for the hunt and has a compartment in the back to store the birds you harvest. It is sometimes known as an upland vest.

Thunderbird: Nickname for ruffed grouse. Also known as King of the Uplands.

Timberdoodle: Nickname for American woodcock. Sometimes also called a Mud Bat. Known as a mud bat because it is commonly found in wet and muddy areas.

Upland Game Birds: Types of birds that are hunted in the uplands. Quail, chukar, pheasant, and grouse are common upland game birds. Certain states have complied with specific lists of upland game birds that somebody can hunt.

Uplands: An area of land generally at a higher elevation than the surrounding areas but not a mountainous area.

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