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Scammer texting from 315-278-1945

Jeff Davis | Go back to current news
Posted 10/05/2023

Sample scammer message from 315-278-1945.

Got your details and I really appreciate you, I will keep you inform as soon as payment has been mailed out to you over there, kindly take advert down. And be on a look out for the check. Thank you. The check would deliver to you on Monday or Tuesday via UPS Courier service. I received a notification from him early today concerning the ppayment. I’m sorry to inform you that some extra funds was accidentally added to the check which was mistakenly happen by my boss, I hope we can trust you with the difference? I will tell you next instructions on how to handle the left over money when you get the check, Sorry for any inconveniences.


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Thursday 12th October 2023 03:05:29 PM

He tried to scam me. What he said was almost word for word. He wouldn’t talk on the phone. Only would texted. Thanks for the info
He used the name James Echung


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