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How to sell dogs during a recession

Jeff Davis. | | All Hunting Articles
Posted 10/31/2023

There is a lot of debate in the media right now about whether we're headed for a recession or already in one. The Feds talk about making a soft landing with the economy, but I keep seeing the stock market dropping and the interest rates rising. There might be some tough days ahead, or there might not be, but it never hurts to be prepared. Selling dogs is tough, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it, it's even harder in a recession. During a recession, you may face some challenges placing your dogs. This article offers sure-fire tips to stack the deck in your favor should the economy take a turn for the worse.

In a recession, people might be more `price sensitive`, you might offer them more affordable pricing or different payment options. You might even consider offering payment plans. 'Buy Now, Pay Later' seems to be a hot new trend, but it comes with risk, the major one being not getting paid. If you decide to offer a 'Buy Now, Pay Later' option, make sure you draw up a contract and have your buyer sign it, and don't give them their registration papers until they have paid in full. If 'Buy Now, Pay Later' is too risky for you, you might consider using services like PayPal, Venmo, or Square to process credit/debit card payments for you for a small fee. These companies also offer 'Buy Not, Pay Later' to members with little or no risk to you.

Instill confidence in your clients with the following tips. Ensure your dogs have proper health certificates and are well cared for. Always be honest in your communication with potential buyers about your dog's health and age. Showcase the value of your hunting dogs by highlighting their positive aspects and unique traits. Offer details about your breeding program and your vision as a breeder. Have the parents on site and explain why you use their genetics and genealogy.

Be customer-focused by building lasting relationships with your customers and providing after-the-sale support. Prioritize the well-being of the dogs by making sure you match potential buyers with the right dog. Offer guidance and assistance to new dog owners, not because they might be repeat buyers in the future, but because it's the ethical thing to do.

Use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other online platforms like Gundog Central, Gun Dog Breeders, and Gundogs Online to advertise your dogs. You want to put your dogs in front of as many eyes as possible, don't limit yourself to one platform. You'll get out of these sites what you put into them, don't upload photos of your dog in a cage or kennel, try to showcase them in the field. Offer good descriptions with your ad, not 'Call for details' or 'Visit our website for more info', nothing says I don't care if I sell my dogs more than a lazy description. Take the time to compose a good, detailed ad. Make it convenient for customers to find your information without hopping around from site to site.

Invest in your own success and set yourself apart from other 'backyard breeders' by adding a professional touch. Get yourself a website, business cards, brochures, printed puppy contracts, and health guarantees. Have care packages you send home with each puppy, include a small bag of food, a binder with essential papers, and maybe a few dog treats or a toy.

Finally, ensure you’re raising hunting dogs with plenty of potential from proven genetics. Sell quality dogs, sometimes this means selling your best dogs. It may sound counterintuitive, but I've heard numerous stories of professional dog trainers who've built their business by selling their 'best dogs'. Nothing creates more demand for your dogs than one of your dogs out there winning championships. By selling some of your best dogs and supporting your customers, you're creating an outstanding reputation for your kennel that will pay dividends down the road.

Jeff Davis
Gundog Central

About the Author : Jeff Davis.
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When I created Gundog Central, it was to help people place their hunting dogs in hunting homes. I want everyone to be successfully using the site, so l thought I'd try my hand at creating a few articles filled with knowledge and lessons I've learned over the years running this site. I'm certainly not a writer and I'm a terrible speller, and although I promise to make an effort to proofread and spellcheck these articles before I post them, you'll most likely find them riddled with grammatical errors. I don't know if I'd even really call them articles per say, more of a collection of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Gundog Central. Tips on how to sell your dogs and tricks on how to use the site. I have no plans to write any other articles, as I have great writers already contributing content to the site. My focus with these "articles" will be geared towards helping you be successful selling your dogs and marketing your kennel and services on Gundog Central.




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