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Posted 12/22/2023

Just send me an email or a note or give me a phone call about your memories of any of these dogs or their handler Fred Dileo and I will send you free an inscribed copy of any of my books, None Held Back, A Little Competition, The Ninth Pup , The Curmudgeons or The Price of Admission.

Texas Hummer R-U Texas Open Champion 1984 R-U Florida Champion 1987

Chicoan Hummer Continental Open-All Age Champion 1990 U.S. Open Champion 1993
Masters Open Quail Champion 1994

Double Rebel Buck North Carolina Quail Champion 1993 Continental Open All-Age Champion 1993 Florida Open Champion 1995 and 96

Southwin Mike International Pheasant Champion 1994 and 95

Funseeker's Gem Southwestern Open Champion 1997 All America Open Prairie Champion 1999.

No Fear Georgia Derby Champion 1996

Frontline Spike. National Free-For-All Champion 1998 All-America Open Prairie Champion 1998 Garden State Open Champion 1999

Frontline Mick Missouri Open Champion 1999 Continental Derby Champion 1999

Million Dollar Man Masters Open Quail Champion 2000 Florida Open Champion 2001
All-America Prairie Champion 2002

Just Wait Tar Heel Open All-Age Champion 2002 All America Prairie Champion 2003 and 04
All America Quail Champion 2005

Double Rebel Pearl 1st Southland Open Championship 2002 Tar Heel Open Champion 2003 RU Florida Championship 2002

Double Rebel Diamond Continental Derby Champion 2001

Double Rebel Sonny Tar Heel Open Champion 2000

Double Rebel Legacy Garden State Open All-Age Champion 2003

Frontline Beck Mid-America Open All-Age Champion 2002

Wild River Masters Open Quail Champion 2005

Phantom's Last Dime National Open Pheasant Champion 2006 All-America Open Prairie Champion 2007

Funseeker's Rebel Tar Heel Champion 2005 Florida Open Champion 2007 Continental Open All-Age R-U Champion 2007 National Champion 2007 Quail Championship Invitational 2007 (Daugherty Handler)

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Tom Word is a lawyer who represents individuals about managing their assets and for amusement writes fiction and non-fiction about bird dogs and humans obsessed with them.


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