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Rules for Posting

Jeff Davis
Posted 08/16/2011

Gundog Central was designed to be a centralized location for people to find hunting dogs for sale, as such, we do not allow free ads to have outside links. We are happy to provide you with a free way to advertise your dogs online, however we have a few simple rules to follow. Following these rules will help ensure that your ad's get approved. Failure to follow these rules could result in your account being disabled and/or any purchased subscriptions to be terminated without refund.

Rule 1. No ads with language deemed foul, rude or offensive will be permitted.
Rule 2. No Duplicate Ads. Duplicate ads will not be approved.
Rule 3. Classifieds are for working Gun Dogs only. If your breed isn't listed, you can not list it here. You may suggest a breed by using the contact page.
Rule 4. No wanted ads.
Rule 5. All free ads will require approval before being displayed on the website.
Rule 6. Outside links are permitted for kennel account holders only. Free ads asking members to visit their website will not be permitted.
Rule 7. Accounts created must use real names, not business names or abbreviations.