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Breed Boykin Spaniels
Color Chocolate
Sex Male
Whelped 12/26/2020
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My Astra (Mom) and My Merlin(Father)s litter:

One male available


Fetch Video

Realize she is a trained dog, this should not be done with a pup. Also I am holding the camera in one hand so I am having trouble taking the ball from her.

In Astras picture you see her Father and Merlins(Pups father) to her left and Her Mothers are to her right, all United Kennel Club Duck Dog Ribbons.

Astras great health clearances: (And her parents and Grandparents)

Astras pedigree:

Merlins great health clearances: (And his parents and Grandparents)

Merlins pedigree:

Merlin fetch

Educational video of Merlin regarding being a Started Hunting Retriever:

As with all of my videos you can see my dogs loving their work for me. Be sure to read all of the words in the title and below the video are important clarifications. My videos are best seen on a desktop computer.

The information in my videos was gained from years training with some of the best trainers and my apprenticeship under Ronnie Smith, one of the best dog trainers in the world. So this is NOT information from other peoples videos/books and is only available from me.

Notice the 7 ducks I use in the first video! He did fine on the third duck, I just use 7 retrieves when I want to get more training in one session where I believe I will get success on all 7. (Re: my rule of 3s and 7s.)

Note most of my videos are a series of 2 to 30 videos, be sure to watch all of them. I am mistyfied when I see that 600 people watched the first video in my analytics and only 12 watched the 6th video. But that may be my fault for not making this fact as clear as I am to you.

Finney:(Grandfather of this pup)

Johnyy 3 vids (Greatgrandfather of this pup)

Is my Twinkle (of my eye), my first breedable, of 3 female Boykins. Four generations of my dogs are here on site!

One video of Twinkle:(Greatgrandmother of this pup)

(Using a method of fetch I no longer use, but you can see her, and all of my dogs, endorphins firing to do their work!


I hope you enjoyed and saw the fun and love I do this with.

I want to also mention that I give a 26 month health guarantee, I have a healthy pup exam by my Vet. and guarantee you a healthy exam by your Vet.

All of my dogs have good/great/normal of all 7 health clearances recommended for Boykins as can be found on the OFA website,, for each and every one of my dogs. #gundogs #gundogcentral #huntingdogs #sportdog #fielddog #dogsofgundogcentral #loyalldogfood #loyallforlife #boykinspaniels #flushers #puppiesforsale #chocolate #forsale #gundogsforsale #huntingdogsforsale #male #merlin #astra #buncombe #illinois




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