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Once in a blue moon!

Posted on Thursday 25th January 2024 07:14:31 PM

On this day of quail hunting myself and two close friends witnessed what we saw as an extraordinary event as it unfolded in front of our very eyes. To say the least we were astonished. Let me explain. My solid white setter named Snow went missing for a few minutes as we were hunting. My friend motioned for me to come look down in the 20’ deep creek bordering my ten acre training field. Snow was standing in 6 inches of water pointing a quail that was making its way up the steep embankment. Us three stood shoulder to shoulder as my little female pointer Queenie had entered the creek as well. Two of us readied for a good shot as the bird took flight and we both hit the bird as it fell some thirty yards in the field bottom on the opposite side from us. In doing so Queenie climbed up the slope and picked up our prize quail. After making two big circles in the field as we whistled and called to her, she turned to our direction entering the creek down one side and up to our side with a magnificent retrieve to hand. All the while I had expected her to drop the bird, but she proved me wrong. She had not been the best at retrieving in her training prior to that day. It took us a while to get back to hunting as we all felt that nothing better would be achieved on that day at least. Never underestimate the drive of a bird dog when they want to please those walking behind. Oh, and by the way Snow was still pointed as all of this unfolded. We completely forgot about the other bird he had pointed so he just came up to us afterwards as to say(what about my bird?).

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Say wins Open All Age !!!!!!

Posted on Monday 15th January 2024 09:25:46 PM

1-15-24: 1st Place Open All Age

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South Dakota opening week

Posted on Saturday 28th October 2023 04:37:56 AM

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2023 South Dakota opener

Posted on Saturday 28th October 2023 04:36:34 AM

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New Field Champion !!!! (5-21-23)

Posted on Saturday 1st July 2023 08:33:23 AM

Fieldmasters Shorthairs is pleased to announce our Newest Field Champion,

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New Field Champion !!!! (1-27-23)

Posted on Saturday 1st July 2023 08:26:02 AM

New AKC Field Champion !!!!

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Thank you, Lord!

Posted on Wednesday 8th February 2023 01:56:11 PM

Another amazing litter. Thank you Lord for blessing our little brown dogs.

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Triple Crown Champion

Posted on Tuesday 20th December 2022 07:46:22 AM

Trying not to post as a Brag, cause I know how lucky that You have to be. A famous person once said The Best Dog doesnt always Win and I know that is the truth. But Im so proud that Im busting so I had to share.

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Black Swan German Short Hair Pointers Puppy training

Posted on Friday 16th December 2022 12:40:05 PM

Living on a lake has its advantages when raising bird dogs! Our Pointer Puppies get the chance to swim young with parents! And learn to retrieve from water very early in life making it natural for them as pointers two swim, jump off dock and bring in target toys! At 8 weeks there already pros.

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RATI Title

Posted on Thursday 15th December 2022 11:40:12 PM

Copper (Ghost Poor Mans Gold) earns his Rat Instinct Title in Barn Hunt - RATI. Now advancing to novice .

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NBHA National Amateur Championship

Posted on Wednesday 14th December 2022 06:09:46 PM

NBHA National Amateur Championship

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PB Hurrin Hoosier

Posted on Sunday 11th December 2022 07:50:04 AM

PB Hurrin Hoosier standing with his handler. Fred is his call name. He runs as a Horseback Shooting Dog Derby. His sire is Erins Lone Star Law.

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East Boley Pirogue

Posted on Thursday 24th November 2022 04:09:14 PM

10 months old. He’s now 3 years old with the same Fire

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Cold Creek Hank Wins Open Shooting Dog

Posted on Sunday 7th August 2022 04:45:58 PM

Congratulations Cold Creek Hank - Winner of the Open Shooting Dog trial at the Cheyenne National Grasslands, Hankinson, North Dakota April 23-2022

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Docs Desert Willow

Posted on Sunday 26th June 2022 05:17:14 PM

Meet our girl Willow. She loves agility and the hunt. Agility with Mom and hunting with Dad!!! Where we live its dove and quail. She also loves the bunnies and lizards! Trained her in rattlesnake avoidance also!!!

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