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Phone #: 316-531-2304

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Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Color Liver w/ White
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by GARY HUTCHISON on 04:17:52 PM 09/27/2019 - [ Send Private Message ]

Westwind GSPs as featured in GUN DOG MAGAZINE have distinguished themselves in the bred. Owners have cherish them as easy to train natural bird finders for more than 30 years.

While Westwind GSPs hunt with Intensity, Style and Class they are easy to handle, great with kids and remain calm loving Family Companions in and around the house.

From the famous Hillhaven, Wasserschling, Wildburg and Greif lines we were fortunate to start with we have meticulously built the prized Westwind Genepool of today. If you arent yet familiar with our dogs we invite you to spend some time on our website at:


Years ago we froze semen on some great dogs giving us access to proven producing genes that NO other breeder of German Shorthairs has today.

The H litter is up close to Hillhaven Hustler who has produced generations of superior dogs. The pups in this litter are exceptionally nice and will make great personal bird dogs.

Here is your chance to own the best of the best.

Our proven breeding program produces exceptionally healthy dogs that live long productive lives. We will give you a written unconditional money back guarantee for the life of your dog - for any reason period! If you can find another breeder that will do the same we suggest you buy a pup from them.

We stand behind what we breed!

Westwind GSPs are Serious Bird Dogs For Serious Bird Hunters. If you are a discriminating foot hunter looking for just the right pup feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your exact needs in detail.

Gary Hutchison
(316) 531-2304 (not a cellphone)

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Just ordered our fourth GSP from Westwind Kennels

When it came time to bring another dog into our pack, there was no doubt that it would be another Westwind German Shorthair Pointer.

My family and I have had the fortune of hunting behind Westwind GSP dogs for more than 15 years. I am always amazed but never surprised with the way our dogs handle wild birds. The best part of hunting behind Gary’s dogs is their pack instincts. Their desire to keep the pack together allows us to hunt with little noise.

At home our hunting dogs become great house companions. Our Westwind dogs know their appropriate position in the family unit.

Even if I didn’t have a passion for bird hunting I would consider owning one of Gary’s dogs. If you are contemplating bringing a working dog into your lives I highly recommend giving Gary a call to talk family and dogs. You will not be disappointed!

Submitted by : David Renton on 11/29/2019
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Gary was great to work with. His knowledge of breeding, and obvious success, produces tremendous hunting dogs. Before I got my pup I was convinced that I had to see the pup before I bought him, but Gary changed my mind. Boy, am I glad he picked the pup for me based on my lifestyle and my type of hunting! Great instincts, drive,smart and not to mention, a true companion. Beautiful to watch in the field. I could not be happier !! You will not be disappointed.

Submitted by : Larry Barrett on 09/27/2017
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