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Breed English Pointer
Color White / Orange
Sex Male
Whelped 09/15/2017
Price $2,500.00

Ace is a fantastic young male out of top notch hunting stock. Ace is a short to medium range dog, ideal for wild pheasant and quail hunting here in the Midwest. If the terrain opens up he will range out a bit more however his natural range in thicker cover is about 40-60 yards. He will go out to 100+ in more open cover. He is young too so his range will develop more with age based on what his new owner allows. Ace would be best with an atleast moderately experienced owner as he can test his handler sometimes.

Ace is whoa broke, whistle trained, here broke, collar conditioned, loads to the truck/box and retrieves naturally. more info just email sha[email protected] or call 913-839-7086 #gundogs #gundogcentral #huntingdogs #sportdog #fielddog #dogsofgundogcentral #loyalldogfood #loyallforlife #englishpointer #pointer #starteddogs #whiteorange #forsale #gundogsforsale #huntingdogsforsale #featured #male #sandifersbensoldier #erinsrebelbess #leessummit #mo


 Sandifers Ben Soldier  
 Erins Rebel Bess  


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I recently bought a dog through shady meadows, I do not recommend. Dog not finished as advertised, cannot get a refund or replacement. Do not buy or put a deposit down on a dog unless you have seen in person.

Submitted by : Earl Wright on 01/12/2019
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I have a two year old dog from their breeding pair of Sarge and Heidi. Healthy male dog with solid 55-60lb field weight. Yes, he is a uniquely handsome dog...Often under-estimated by people, as he is not a huge big running fat northern monster, until they watch him bust brush and cat tails...he will wear the hair off of his face if I let him. Hunts hard and points solid with great downed bird finding ability. Does family activities and very social but will vocalize against threats to his territory and family. No doubt if I had the time to compete in dog events he is capable, but weekend warrior and companion duties keep him busy enough. Works close. Biggest strong points are his health and easy demeanor to train and please. Shawn and I talked a few times prior to purchase, and I hadnt followed up with how he was doing, so felt obligated to say thanks for a good all-around healthy animal. Mine does all I can handle upland and tracking. Havent had waterfowling opportunities yet, but with a jacket to stay warm, likely not an issue. People ask if I want to breed him after hunting or a visit to the house, so as an owner, that seems complimentary enough for me.

Submitted by : Glenn Maddock on 11/24/2016
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I bought my lab on Jan 1, 2016. I have been very pleased with him. He has been everything they said hed be. Easily trainable, very well temperament, crazy about feathers. Although I have not hunted him yet I think he is going to do very well. Donny and Shawn were both very helpful with information and tips. I live in town and have no trouble at all with him running off. In fact when we let him out to go to the bathroom we just let him run free in an unfenced yard. I would strongly recommend buying a dog from these guys. If I ever buy another one I will not hesitate to buy from these guys.

Submitted by : Paul Schultz on 07/15/2016
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