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French Spaniel

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The French Spaniel is a Spaniel-like setter that was bred in France in the 14th century. It was used as a hunting dog in France and Canada. The bred was very popular with royalty in the Middle Ages. French Spaniels almost became extinct by the 20th century but were saved by a French priest who started breeding them.

French Spaniels are sociable and gentle, while at the same time being very intelligent and easy to train. They would make a great family pet as well as a hunting companion.

Description of the Dog
The French Spaniel is a breed that has several names, depending on the country in which it lives. Its known as the Epagneul Francais in its native France and either a French Setter or French Spaniel across the rest of the world. In Canada, where the breed was developed, its known as a Canadian Setter.

French Spaniels were initially developed as hunting dogs but later became very popular as pets. The French spaniel almost became extinct, but later its number grew, and in recent times the dog has even become known as a designer breed. Its common to find pure breed French Spaniels in animal shelters, so if you’re considering getting a dog, you may be able to adopt.

French Spaniels are lovely dogs that make great hunting companions as they are naturally very active. They love long walks and enjoy playing outside. These dogs are very agile and athletic; they are excellent at retrieving. Although French Spaniels do make good pets, they arent as affectionate as other breeds and often don’t like cuddling.

They are a medium-sized breed that has a height of between twenty-one and twenty-four inches. They weigh between forty-five and sixty pounds. Males and females are roughly the same sizes.

Training French Spaniels is quite simple as they are calm and intelligent dogs who are eager to please. These dogs are very alert and active. If they are left alone for too long, they soon get bored and may start to chew or dig.

A brief history of the Breed
The French Spaniel has been derived from Spanish hunting dogs from the Middle Ages. They developed in France, to be used for hunting in the 14th century.

French Spaniels became popular with royalty in the Middle Ages. They were commonly used as a hunting dog, but by the 20th century had almost become extinct. Father Fournier, a French priest, saved the breed.

The French Spaniel was then imported to Canada in the 1970s, where it was used for hunting and later made its way to America in the 90s. Today French Spaniels are a relatively rare breed, even in their native France.

The Appearance of the Breed
The French Spaniel has a thick coat of brown and white fur. They are available in different shades of brown, from cinnamon to dark liver, and are always mottled with white. Their markings vary widely; some dogs are even completely brown or white.

French Spaniels have feathering on the backs of their legs, as well as on their belly, tail, and ears. They have shorter fur on their head. The breed isn’t thought to be allergy-friendly and does shed some fur regularly. These dogs are easy to groom because they are calm and gentle. They should be washed and groomed periodically and need to have their teeth cleaned as they can be prone to teeth and gum problems.

The French Spaniel’s thick fur is slightly water-resistant, and this helps to keep them warm even in cold and damp conditions. For this reason, they would make great hunting companions. They are loyal dogs who are eager to please and easy to train. They can retrieve waterfowl and can work on a variety of terrains. They are active and good swimmers.

French Spaniels also make great pets as they are gentle, but aren’t as affectionate as other breeds and won’t tolerate too many cuddles. They are good with kids, as they are calm and gentle.

The French Spaniel is considered a rare breed but was known as a designer breed that people wanted as pets fairly recently. For this reason they are many French Spaniels in rescue centers who need forever homes.


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