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Merry Christmas

Posted on Tuesday 26th December 2017 04:05:48 AM

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on Thursday 23rd November 2017 07:53:06 PM

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

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Trouble with Pictures?

Posted on Friday 4th August 2017 09:33:51 PM

If you're having a problem uploading a picture with your ad, please go ahead and submit your ad with out a photo and forward your picture you want to use to me so I can trace down the problem. It seems to be working for most, but I am hearing it may not be working for others. Please let me know what ad you are trying to attach your photo to.

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Gundog Central Reload

Posted on Wednesday 2nd August 2017 02:46:15 PM

Today we're in the process of moving Gundog Central to a newer, faster, better server to make your expericene even better. The site could be down for a little bit and some of the content may not be available for a while. We have a ton of data to transfer, so you might notice your pictures aren't available right away. There's no need to resubmit them or update your ads, they should start to appear within a few hours. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Featured Ads

Posted on Sunday 30th July 2017 03:09:50 PM

Starting in August, I'll be limiting the number of featured ads an individual can post to 2.

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2018 Bracco Italiano Club of America National Specialty

Posted on Thursday 29th June 2017 04:10:58 PM

The 2018 Bracco Italiano Club of America National Specialty will be held on April 26-28, 2018 in Grinnell, Iowa! Thursday 4/26 fun hunt. Friday 4/27 hunt tests. Saturday 4/28 dog show, banquet, raffle/auction!

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Gundog Central Reload 06-28-17

Posted on Thursday 29th June 2017 03:09:51 PM

Summertime is the slowest time of the year here at Gundog Central, which makes it an a pretty good time to update the site and mark some things off my to do list. The focus of this update was really to target the spammers and scammers I’ve seen on the site lately. I’ve long had a review process in place to help me fight off this kind of behavior, but as the popularity of the site has grown, so to has the number of people we have trying to take advantage of other people. As a result, I now generally try to verify as many new accounts as I can, however this take me a considerable amount of time and can delay the approval process. Occasionally, some of these nefarious people will slip through the cracks and go unnoticed until they eventually post something to the site. When I see those ads or suspect an account of being fake, I normally just delete their data and suspend their account without question. I don’t always get it right though… and have, on occasion deleted a few legitimate accounts in the process. With this update, I’m hoping it helps give you the ability to help me police the site and warn other users of any suspicious activity or bad experiences you have. As with any update, a lot of changes have taken place and I’m sure to have broken some things and stuff. For that, I’ll apologize in advance, but please, if you see something that doesn’t work as expected, let me know, by email or in the forums, and I can promptly get that fixed for you. With that said, here is a list of the most recent changes.

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