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How to add pedigree to your dog ad

Posted on Thursday 12th April 2018 03:12:12 PM

This article will detail how to add a pedigree to your classified ad after it's BEEN created. Once your ad is in our system, you should be taken to the MY CLASSIFIEDS page, If you're not on the MY CLASSIFIED page, you can go to the menu and click on ACCOUNT, then find the link that says MANAGE YOUR EXISTING ADS. This page should have a list of all your ads currently in the system. Beside ( or under, if your on mobile ) each ad should be several links, look for the one that says UPDATE PEDIGREE. Once that page loads, just fill out the form as best you can and submit the page.

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Whats in a name?

Posted on Monday 19th February 2018 11:58:07 PM

I will call this an information session for all of you gundog enthusiasts out there, however some of you will more than likely call it venting and complaining. But nevertheless, here is my story. This article is about duel registration for your gundog. Specifically duel registration with the AKC and the NAVHDA. I will share my story here today with all of you in hopes that you will not run into the same misfortune that I have recently when trying to accomplish this with my new male GSP. First off, just a little bit of back story to set the mood. I had been in search of the perfect male to add to my bloodline for quite sometime. I mean I really did a lot of research, spent hours combing the classifieds, and some real foot work looking for that special litter that contained my future superstar. You know the kind, the pup thats pedigree contains just the right balance of proven master hunters and versatile champions, he had to have the perfect markings, and his tail had to stand at attention like a soldier when he meant business. After forfeiture of a couple puppy deposits due to not getting exactly what I wanted, I had almost given up when a boring day at work and one more scroll thru Gundog Central yielded what I personally considered perfection out in eastern Iowa. I was on the phone straight away and an immediate trip to the post office after work with deposit in hand began the long wait and picking process and picture messages leading up to eight weeks later when my lovely bride would make the not so short journey to pick up our new champion prospect. He was a beautiful pup. Over the years I have had a bunch of good looking German Shorthaired pointers, but this little guy topped em all. Now after waiting for several weeks, of course I had already named him before I had even met him in person. So a quick visit to the AKC website is all it took, and it was official, my new pup had a new name.........or did he?

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Posted on Saturday 25th February 2017 07:27:26 PM


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Mission: Condition

Posted on Thursday 25th September 2014 06:45:43 PM

Is your favorite companion tuned up and ready for season?  Well, if  he, or she is not by now, chances are you are too late. When we neglect conditioning our gundog before the season opener, the results can make for what should have been a great hunt, turn out to be just a bad memory. Exercise during the off season is just as important to your dog, if not more important, than during season. Lets face it, life is a busy place and there is alot to worry about in the off season, like fishing, and spring turkey. But if you choose to leave ole fido in the kennel until season arrives, then throw him in the dog box, turn him out in the field, and expect the model hunting companion, then I promise you that you are going to be very disappointed. And, shame on you for doing it. Just like us, that dog has waited since last year for this day to come, and if in the months leading up to season you have not taken some time out of your busy schedule to exercise your dog and spend some time on the basics, then you have no one to blame but yourself when you cant talk at the end of opening day and your e collar is dead. Not to mention the fact that your buddies will probably not be calling you next weekend because of your dog busting birds all morning, and then burning out by the afternoon. So, spend some time with your gundog all year long, not just during hunting season. The benefits of a dog that has had the proper amount of exercise during the year will show great rewards during hunting season. Your dog will be more focused and ready to please. Just remember, the instincts are in the breeding, the rest is up to you. Happy hunting.

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Go Slow When Introducing a Dog to Gunfire

Posted on Thursday 22nd May 2014 02:36:12 PM

Sometimes hunters are so eager to develop their new pup into a hunting dog that they rush things. With some training exercises, if you make a mistake and try to teach something too fast, you can fix the resulting problems by going back and starting over. In others cases, such as with introduction to gunfire, you don’t get a second chance.

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That Dog Can Hunt

Posted on Tuesday 22nd April 2014 04:57:11 PM

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Bending Drills Teach Dogs to Hunt Efficiently

Posted on Wednesday 5th March 2014 02:50:39 PM

A dog that searches for birds in a consistent pattern covers ground efficiently and hunts with confidence. Whether you’re hunting quail, grouse or pheasants, the result is the same: more shooting opportunities.

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