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Although we are a small business, we try to give back to the Gun Dog community where and how we can. We are proud to sponsor and be associated with the following Organizations, Clubs and Individuals!!


The National Bird Dog Museum

The National Bird Dog Museum is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of bird dog, field trial, and hunting traditions. Located in Grand Junction, Tennessee, an hour east of metropolitan Memphis and within easy driving distance of Nashville, the museum houses a repository of art, photography, and memorabilia about field trials, shooting sports, and over forty breeds of bird dogs, including pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds. The museum is a 30,000 square foot facility housing the Field Trial Hall of Fame, Sporting Dog Hall of Fame, Retriever Hall of Fame, and the Wildlife Heritage Center.

National Bird Hunters Association

The National Bird Hunters Association is a group of dedicated bird hunters interested in the development and competition of class foot handled bird dogs. The organization encourages fair competition, sportsmanship and the enjoyment of the outdoors thru fellowship with like minded bird hunters who share our interest in field trialing bird dogs.

Untied Field Trialer's Association

Founded in 2001 by a dedicated group of field trialers and bird dog enthusiasts, The United Field Trialer's Association provides a competitive venue for field trial competitors who appreciate having a fair and consistent system for measuring a dog's performance. UFTA's scoring system for field events eliminates bias on the part of the judges and focuses on the dog and handler's ability to locate and harvest birds in a safe and sportsmanlike manner.


Bama Bird Dog Club

Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the Bama Birddog Club provides bird hunters with a facility to train and compete with their gundogs. Each of our members is a hobbyist to the sport, and we all have the same love of a great birddog. We built this website to provide the public with an awareness of our trial events, the accomplishments of our dogs and members, and perhaps you are looking for your next or first birddog and one of our members can provide you with that quality gundog. So please enjoy our site, we hope you find it informative, and come out and visit us at one of our trials. They are open to the public; just bring a lawn chair and the family.

North Arkansas Quail Club

North Arkansas Quail Club (NAQC) was formed by local quail hunters with a strong appreciation for bird dogs and bird dog enhancement. NAQC was started July 2011. This is our first year and we are having a ball!! The club holds monthly club trials along with 2 to 3 NSTRA (National Shoot To Retrieve) sanctioned events per season. Our members are of all ages and have experience ranging from beginner to 50 years. Some strictly trial for the fun of it and others are serious competitors. All in all, a great group and lots of enjoyment.


Matt Behe - Rocky River Gundogs

2016 UFTA NATIONAL CHAMPION: Rocky River's Dueces are Wild!!! "Dueces" handled by Matt Behe and owned by Richard and Marlene Sipes took home the national championship in pointing open!! Rocky River's Fallen Angel "Hellion" came in sixth place in pointing open. Also making the open finals were "Shooter"(owned by Richard Sipes) and "Reno" (handled by Brian Rutrough and owned by Dan Torgeson).

Melanie Padgett - Grey Stone Gundogs


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