Featured Breed of the Week: Golden Retriever

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Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs that were first bred in the early 19th century. They have a strong build and are known for their gorgeous coats. These coats can be straight or wavy and can be different shades of beige or gold. They have two layers to their coat, a longer one on top and a shorter one underneath. The layering of the coats provide the dog with lots of warmth during colder climates, keeps them cool during warmer climates, and will also repel water when it is raining. The male dogs of this breed traditionally weigh in at 65-70 pounds and stand around 22-24 inches tall. The females normally weigh 55-65 pounds and are around 20-22 inches in height.

With a life expectancy of around 10-12 years, these dogs require proper maintenance, to ensure they get the most out of each year. Their diets will vary depending or the age of the dog and their own personal needs. For all Golden Retrievers, it is recommended to supply them with healthy, unprocessed foods. This will ensure they have all the nutrition they need, to continue to grow and thrive. They also will need a bath occasionally, their teeth brushed, nails clipped, and to have fresh, clean water. When it comes to the maintenance of their coat, they will need a regular brushing routine. Golden Retrievers are prone to shed a great deal, especially when the seasons change. Proper brushing/grooming helps keep their coats from matting and will remove any tangles and/or dirt. Furthermore, their ears need to be checked on a regular basis. Due to the size of their ears and how they hang down, moisture can easily become trapped inside the ear canal and cause ear infections.

As far as personality goes, these dogs are super friendly. They easily make friends with humans, especially kids and can actually become overprotective of them. Because of their bubbly nature, this is why these dogs make great pets. They are technically considered one of the most popular family dogs in the United States. Not only are they friendly and great for families but they are also very energetic. They do require adequate amounts of exercise each day and this can be two hours per day or more, depending on the dog. They will benefit from an owner or family with an active lifestyle or atleast one that will have the time to give the Golden Retriever the attention and activities they desire. They love to be playful, love to run around, and will be a great addition to a family that does the same.

Golden Retrievers are also known for their excellent hunting skills. When trained to hunt as a puppy, these dogs grow up to become masters at hunting upland game. They are extremely skilled at sniffing out game, tracking it down, and in the end, helping hunters seal the deal. They are always eager to please and dont mind hunting in different types of climates. When out in the field, Golden Retrievers make sure they go the extra mile for their hunters. They run through most types of terrain and can withstand being out on the hunt for hours, without getting tired. These dogs are also exceptional swimmers. They are born with the love of swimming and can also incorporate that into hunting. When a bird has been shot over water, a Golden Retriever wont hesitate to jump into the water to retrieve it. With the word retriever in their name, these dogs are praised for their retrieval skills. They have soft mouths that allow them to bring game back to the hunter without causing any type of damage to it. As long as a Golden Retriever has been trained properly from a young age, they will continue to give their all when in the field and show off all of the skills they have been taught.

With the intelligence and obedience of this breed, Golden Retrievers are also used as part of drug task forces, rescuers, and can be guide dogs for people who are blind. The only thing these dogs have any trouble with is being guard dogs. Due to their social personalities, they will bark at a stranger or strange sounds but will stop immediately and become friendly again.

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