Gundog Central Reload 05-08-17

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It been a while since I posted a reload update for Gundog Central, but over the last few months, I’ve made some pretty considerable changes to the way the site operates and thought I’d share some of the recent updates. The performance of the site should be much much faster now then it was just a few months ago. When browsing classifieds, the pages should feel much more responsive and the classifieds should load almost instantly.

- Member Changes
Members who are signed in, can now favorite ads, making it easy to go back and find their previously favorited ads. You can now also vote on ads, giving them a 1 to 5 star rating. To do so, just find the five stars located under each classified ads photo, then just click on the appropriate number of stars you would like to assign to that ad, you can only vote once per ad.

- Premium Subscription
If you have a premium account subscription, from now on, when you place your ads, all of them will be watermarked as a “Premium Ad”. All your ads will now automatically start out with a 5 star ranking. Classifieds posted by premium subscription members will now take precedent over all free ads posted on the same day. Updating your premium ad that’s over 30 days old, will now place it back at the top of classifieds, just as if you placed a brand new ad.

- Featured Ads
Regardless of how many featured ad are in the system, only 5 ads will be displayed per page at one time. From now on, they will rotate in and out, just like banner ads do. They will be shown at the top of every single relevant classified page, not just the beginning of the classified listings. Your ads will also be included in the list of the non-featured ads with it’s location being based on the day you originally posted your ad.

Other Boring Stuff
Gundog Central gets it’s far amount of traffic, serving well over a 100 gigabits of data each month. I would bet that our bounce rate is one of the lowest in the industry, at one half of one percent. Meaning for every 100 visitors Gundog Central has, only half of one person got there by mistake. In other words, nearly every person that comes to Gundog Central, is there to look or sell bird dogs, our stats aren’t inflated with meaningless traffic. Gundog Central has gotten so popular in fact, that I’ve had other sites trying to siphon off our ads to use on their own site. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, but they don’t honor my “sold”, “expired” or “deleted” status, meaning your ads never get removed from these offending sites and you’ll continue to get calls long after your dogs are sold or your ads expired, which makes me look bad. So I’ve built a new filtering engine into the site that allows me to permanently ban abuser, spammers and bots. If you get any suspicious emails or people offering to send you money orders, please forward these emails to me, so I can prevent them from access the site.

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