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Summertime is the slowest time of the year here at Gundog Central, which makes it an a pretty good time to update the site and mark some things off my to do list. The focus of this update was really to target the spammers and scammers I’ve seen on the site lately. I’ve long had a review process in place to help me fight off this kind of behavior, but as the popularity of the site has grown, so to has the number of people we have trying to take advantage of other people. As a result, I now generally try to verify as many new accounts as I can, however this take me a considerable amount of time and can delay the approval process. Occasionally, some of these nefarious people will slip through the cracks and go unnoticed until they eventually post something to the site. When I see those ads or suspect an account of being fake, I normally just delete their data and suspend their account without question. I don’t always get it right though… and have, on occasion deleted a few legitimate accounts in the process. With this update, I’m hoping it helps give you the ability to help me police the site and warn other users of any suspicious activity or bad experiences you have. As with any update, a lot of changes have taken place and I’m sure to have broken some things and stuff. For that, I’ll apologize in advance, but please, if you see something that doesn’t work as expected, let me know, by email or in the forums, and I can promptly get that fixed for you. With that said, here is a list of the most recent changes.

- User Reviews
Before this update, you could only write reviews for kennels listed on the site, but now you can write a review for any person that advertises on the site. For free accounts, your reviews will be posted immediately, unfiltered, without review but these can only be posted by members of Gundog Central. Paid account members will have their reviews reviewed before I display them. It’s currently not my policy to share one or two bad reviews for a subscribers, but could consider sharing them should I receive numerous bad reviews over a short period of time.

- Public Conversations
All new ads will now include a conversation tab that allows for a forum type public discussion involving your ad. Any questions or comments can be posted here for everyone to see. There is no review process or filtering in place. Only members with an active account can post to these discussion boards. If you have a paid account, you can delete any conversation you don’t want displayed with your ad. If you don’t want to allow these public conversation with your ads, you can disable this feature under your Account Privacy settings, just set conversations field to Do not Allow.

- Email Correspondence
I’ve rewritten a lot of the automatic email engine and all new email should include the IP Address and country of origin of the person trying to contact you. These emails will now include a warning message at the bottom informing you of a money order overpayment scams. Should you receive any suspicious emails from the site, please forward those to me for review, so I might block that individuals access and prevent other people from getting similar type messages. All new email correspondence will include a link back to Gundog Central that allows you to reply to your message online. It is not required that you do so, you can still reply directly to any email you receive. It was implemented to help prevent your messages from being tagged as spam. There is a new privacy option, as well, that allows you to require people to have a Gundog Central account before they can contact you, this is not turned on by default. If you’re receiving spam from the site, this will help reduce the amount you get. If you wish to enable this feature, you’ll need to log into your account, click on update privacy options and change the email field to Limit to people with Gundog Central account

- Pedigrees
We have A LOT of pedigrees in our database, however with no review process, a lot of them are incorrect or incomplete. To help combat some of this, you can now vote on the pedigrees to let us know which ones you think are correct. Ones with enough incorrect votes will be deleted from the system, while ones with higher correct votes will come up first in your search results. If you’re placing a new classified ad and want to attach a pedigree, it’s no longer going to be saved into the pedigree database by default. You’ll still be able to fill out and display a three generation pedigree, it just wont be linked to the pedigree system. If you want to save your pedigree into the our pedigree database, to be used again at a later date, you’ll need to pick “Create a new saved pedigree” from the Pedigree drop down when creating your ad.

- On Point Votes
I wasn’t a fan of the five star voting system I implemented a while back, I thought it was to confusing and it wasn’t really clear how to use it. It’s now been replaced with a single small icon of an English Setter, with the number of votes it’s received beside of it. It’s basically just a way of saying you like their ad and think it’s on point. In the future, I’ll hope to use this system to reward ads with more votes with better ad placement.

- Featured Ads
I’ve been getting more request for featured ads and I tried to create a system that I thought was fair. Some people did not care of the way I implemented it, so I’m currently experimenting with featured ads to see what works best. If you have suggestions or thoughts, you can share them in the forums.

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Julia Heidbrink 
Thursday 29th June 2017 03:50:50 PM

It’s currently not my policy to share one or two bad reviews for a subscribers, but could consider sharing them should I receive numerous bad reviews over a short period of time.

Just a quick suggestion about reviews. I use that on Facebook too, and I have had one person give me a 3 star rather than a higher review simply to lower my ratings. It is a person I have never done business with. Also, a couple of disgruntled folks can really mess up a kennel by negative reviews, and in these days of creating fake user names, it could end up in a decent breeder being impacted heavily on a site. There should be some sort of system to allow the reviewer to post, but also the reviewee to be able to contest the review if it is wrong.

Saturday 1st July 2017 12:49:30 PM

I know how they do. Ive had one person submit 4 or 5 bad reviews, under different names, because whatever deal they had in place, fell through. They dont realize that when they do this, that they also discredit themselves. I do look at all the reviews that come in, but they dont actually count in your score until I approve them. I wont approve a bad review, but I will keep it on file. I would never publish these unless there are just hundreds of them, but at that point I would probably just ban that person form the site. The whole review process was really just written as a way of letting people alert me and other people to any scammers or crooks that post to the site.


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