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Beware of anyone trying to contacting you trough text messages from (443) 543-6672, they are just trying to run an overpayment scam on you. These request can come from email, text messages or phone calls. Warning sign you can look out for: Offering payment for more then you are asking for your dog. If they contact you and say that they have arranged their on shipment method. It looks like they just copied and pasted the title of your ad into their message. There wording doesn't use proper English. Asking you about facts that are clearly stated in your ad. Asking you to give money to the person picking up your dog or asking for you to send money back. All correspondence sent through Gundog Central comes with an overpayment warning at the bottom of the message. If you ever receive request like these please forward them to me.

The overpayment scam works by sending you a fake check or money order, that you deposit in your account, then they asking you to send part of the payment back. It might take a few days for their check not to clear the bank, mean while, you're out what you send them. You can read more about this scam here :

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Steve Croy 
Tuesday 4th December 2018 12:54:04 PM

There is also a couple attempting this scam.She used the name Desiree Primm from Bedford Ohio.The transport person was Chad Lowell Hanson.The mobile number used was 828-656-1426.I played along as long as possible to get as much info as possible,what Jackasses!


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