Want to place your ads in front of the people that matter most for your business, the hunters, trainers and breeders? We only cater to a niche market of dog enthusiast. We offer several different ways to target your primary customers, whether you're a breeder, trainer, small business or Corporation, we offer a package for you. Banners will be accepted in the following formats - JPEG, GIF, PNG's. Design services also available, fee will be waived with one year commitment.

Corporate Partners

Our primary sponsor gets a large 600 px X 240 px banner displayed prominently on our home page, plus a 468 px X 60 px banner displayed above each free classified ad. Your banner can potentially be displayed millions and millions of times over the course of one year. Only one Primary Corporate Sponsor accepted, requires one year commitment. Call Jeff at 731-926-0238 to discuss availability, stats and price.

Business Banner

These banners are meant for small business owners that want to target their advertising dollars with a lower price than advertising in most magazines. Banner size is 120 px X 180 px. These banners will occupy the second position in our advertising pane. One banner will be displayed per page. Limited slots available.

$80 / month

Kennel Banners

Designed with kennel owners in mind, these banners are cheap and an excellent way to promote your kennel. These banners will be 120 px X 90 px. Can be linked back to your kennel website or to your profile page. Five banners will be displayed per page, meaning your banner has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people each month. Kennels subscribing to these banners ads will receive a FREE kennel account upgrade.

$40 / month

Club/Event Banners

This is a cheap way to promote your club or upcoming event. Can be linked back to your organizations website or to your club listing. These banners will be 120 px X 60 px.

$20 / month

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