Over payment scam examples

Don't be a victim of online over-payment scams: It was a scam [email protected] was 1st contact
2nd contact 469-860-0329
Said from TX
Checks Sent FedEx from ME
Cashier checks from Denver co
Sent 2 different cashier checks total of $4300 for pup worth $700
Cashier checks from RGL, inc Denver Co
Following instructions tex 916 936 2140?
Will send further instructions
[email protected]


Hi, I was contacted Thursday 8-22-19 from a buyer wanting to buy a golden retriever pup I have for sale from the number you have posted 443-543-6672 just wanted to report this. They did send a check For 500 hundred over the amount I was asking for my pup. Then ash me to buy the crate I told them no it was not my responsibility to get the dog to them anyway I wanted to let you know and I still have the check


Trying to reach out to you about a person that I believe is a scammer. I did not fall victim but came close. A friend that had had the same thing happen to him warned me what to look out for and everything the potential buyer said fell into what my friend had warned me about. The email used was [email protected] and the phone number was 4690600329.

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