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From [email protected] Beware of emails list this : Thanks for the mail..However,I want you to know that the price is okay by me and as for picking it up that will not be a problem..I will contact an agent that will handle the pick up...So that will not be a problem....As for the payment i will be paying with Cashier's Check which will be cashed easily...I want you to know that i will be adding shipping money for the Cashier's Check you are going to which you will deduct your $6500,and send the remaining balance to the agent that will be coming for the pick up at your place.To send it out i will need your full name and address where the Cashier's Check will be sent to and your phone number...Listed bellow:

1. The full name on the Cashier's Check
2. Mailing Address to send the Cashier's Check
3. Contact phone number.

So that the Cashier's Check can be written out in your name and mail to your address..

PS:I will want you to kindly put SOLD on the advert from the placing site..okay, or any interested buyer that mail you,just let them know that it has been sold,so for doing that i will be willing to compensate you with $100.Hope this is clear to you..
Get back to me asap.
Mr. Paul...

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