Featured Breed of the Week : Braque du Bourbonnais

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General Appearance: Short hair, medium size, with medium proportions that is muscular, strength and power in the field that is also very agile gallop, the Female is slightly less stocky.

Temperament - This breed has an "On/Off" switch that is quite unique - The minute you release them at the field they flip the hunting switch "On", they are very deliberate hunters, that can range out to cover the ground but can also hunt close in the Grouse and Woodcock woods. They are natural retrievers and also have web feet and love the water.

Once home they flip the hunting switch "Off", and they are very content to just relax and enjoy a movie with you. They are a very loving dog that not only has a great desire to hunt but an even greater desire to please you and be a wonderful family member.

Size and weight -
Height at the withers:
Dogs: 20 - 22 1/2 inches (approx)
Bitches: 18 - 21 3/4 (approx)

Dogs: 39 3/4 - 55 lbs
Bitches: 35 1/2 to 48 1/2 lbs.

Both of these are give or take 1 inch or 1 lb.
Originated in 1598: described as skillful at hunting quail., pleasant companion of the hunter, of rustic and healthy appearance, born with a short tail, showing a white coat with pale brown or fawn fine ticking. Breeders wanted to impose an original coat of "faded Lilac" and being born with a short tail. Strict selection on secondary points cannot be imposed on a breed with a reduced gene pool. The result of that reverse selection ended in a total disaffection of the breeders: between 1963 and 1973 there were no registrations with L.O.F.

In the 1070's under the influence and impetus of Michel Comte a team of breeders gave themselves the task of helping towards the survival of the Bourbonnais Pointing Dog. Today, thanks to the careful and effective selection, they have succeeded.

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