Upland Chamois Hunting Shirts - 15 total

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Price$25 each
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Upland hunting shirts. 15 in total (11 Cabela’s brand; 3 Sunshine Mountain brand; 1 Winchester brand.) All are in very good or excellent condition - several are in like new condition.

All of these shirts were very lightly used - and some were never used at all. All are 100% cotton - and all of the Cabela’s & Sunshine Mountain shirts are chamois cotton (very soft - the more you wash them the softer they get.) The Winchester shirt is regular cotton, not chamois. Numerous colors available (red, burgundy, blue, green, teal, orange, camo & others - See pic.)

All are regular cut. 3 are XL size; 11 are L size; 1 is medium size. 6 are heavy weight; 8 are medium weight; 1 is lightweight. Most have long tails.

Cabela’s stopped selling these chamois shirts years ago because they are very high quality
(translation: expensive to make) - and they last forever. They remain warm even when wet…they soak up sweat quickly…and they are machine washable.

There is a very distinct difference between chamois and flannel…which is instantly noticeable if you feel each type of fabric simultaneously.

All of my chamois shirts were made “back in the day” when (unlike now) quality, durability & longevity actually mattered. True chamois shirts are still available from L.L. Bean and other high-end retailers - with a typical starting price of $60/shirt. Most (like mine) are solid colors because of the way true chamois cotton is manufactured.

My price is $25/shirt for most of them…or a little less for a couple of them…plus actual shipping cost. Prefer to sell in multiples because shipping costs are high right now. Call for further info. 269-808-0904


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