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So what's with Gundog Central and how'd it get started?

Up until 2005, I'd never even owned a dog, but I've always wanted to get a Bird Dog, especially a Pointer ( English Pointer ). It just so happens that Garry Surratt of Pinehill Kennels, who sells Pointers, lives about 7 miles from my house. I called him up one day and asked if he'd be willing to let me rework his web site in exchange for a puppy. Garry had no idea who I was, so of course he said "No". I decided to go by Pinehill and look at what he had available and decided just to buy a male puppy that day. Me being a new dog owner may have been Garry's worst nightmare, especially since I lived just down the street. I called Garry about everything, the puppy wouldn't eat, he didn't want to play, I didn't now what medicine to give him. To Garry's credit each time I called him, he'd say "Jeff, this is what you need to do" and each time he was right. I named my new puppy "Scout", I took him to work with me, I let him stay inside the house at night, he pretty much went everywhere I did. I started trying to train Scout with "Here", "Sit", "Kennel" and a few other commands. Scout was a quick learner and before long he was performing many of these commands on cue.

During this time Garry had finally decided to let me work on his website, so I put something together for him. He asked me to bring it by his house one morning to show him what I had done and to bring Scout with me, that we would put him on some live birds to see what he'd do. We worked several young dogs that morning on live birds, including Scout and he didn't disappoint. Garry was impressed with how well Scout handled in the field.

Eventually I bought a whole litter from Pinehill, with the hopes of training them to be just like Scout and selling a few started dogs. I quickly found out training 9 dogs was going to be a lot more work then I had anticipated. I went into panic mode and sold most of them for less then I paid for them. I know that one of the puppies went on to win a few trial events, two of them became guide dogs and I've seen several others from the litter priced online for over $2000.00!

So what's all this have to do with Gundog Central? Lots. After doing Pinehill Kennels website and Garry telling everyone how much he loved it, I did several others. Each time I would do a new site, I'd get another referral.

At the same time I was still buying a few dogs from Pinehill Kennels, mainly with the intent on training and then reselling them. I was also putting them back on Pinehill's website to sell. I really didn't feel comfortable doing that, it made me feel like I might be taken business away from them, but at the time I really didn't have a choose. I didn't want to create my own personnal website because I just didn't have enough dogs to keep people coming back.

So I needed a way to advertise the dogs I was buying, promote the Kennel software I had written for the web and to give back to the Kennels that had help me out so much along the way. I took the original website I had written for Pinehill Kennels and added a membership database to it and Gundog Central was born.

Since the website came online, I have had a lot of good feedback from members and some bad. In August 2007, I set out to rewrite the entire site, which is the version you see today. Some of the new features added to the site are user submitted articles, a breed database linked to the kennel accounts and classifieds and new sections for the classifieds (Hall-of-Fame, Champions).

I may have been a new dog owner, but I grow up around coon hounds as my father is a life-time coon hunter and owns a dog supply business, Nitehunters.com, specializing in building radio tracking collars. I've worked at the family business for almost a decade, building tracking collars and selling telemetry equipment. With much encouragement, I decide to launch my own online store, with this version of the site.

I hope you enjoy the site .

Jeff Davis
Gundog Central


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