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Gundog Central is a centralized location for finding your next Gun Dog, Bird Dog, Field Dog .... and now Hound dogs. We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to browse the many different hunting dogs for sale. We cater to the upland bird hunter and wetland waterfowl enthusiast, as well as people who compete in field trial events.

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Whether you're looking for pointer breeds like the English Pointers, English Setters or French Brittany's, Retrievers like the Labradors Retrievers or Golden Retriever, Flushing breeds like the English Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel or Boykin Spaniel, or Versatile breeds like the German Shorthaired Pointers, Weimaraner , Hungarian Vizsla or German Wirehaired Pointers you'll find them here, along with many other hunting dog breeds. You'll find gun dogs in our classified section that are for sale by individuals and professionals alike. Only ads dealing with working gun dogs, bird dogs or field dogs should be posted here.

New for 2020, we have absorbed our sister site Hounddog Central and added a few of the hound dog breeds that were listed there. You can now find Hound dogs, Coon dogs, Beagles, Fiest and Cur for sale here. So if you're interested in buying or selling Bluetick coonhounds, Redbones, Black and Tan, Treeing Walkers, Beagles, Blackmouth Cur and Mountain Feist, you've come to the right spot.

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Overcoming In-Season Obstacles with Your Bird Dog

Posted on Sunday 24th September 2023 05:49:08 PM

Between dangers in the field and training-related issues while hunting, how do you handle and prepare for obstacles that may arise this season?

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The Versatile Beagle

Posted on Saturday 16th September 2023 07:41:30 PM

There is a lot of emphasis on versatile hunting dogs in recent years, and guys like me have been running them for decades. What am I talking about? Why, the ever-popular beagle is what I am thinking has been the versatile hunting dog par excellence for centuries. Growing up in the Northern Appalachian Mountains, specifically in the Alleghenies, there were lots of hunters who kept a beagle or two for rabbit hunting. Beagles are hounds, with a powerful nose, and a strong urge to pursue game. Typically, the biggest problem faced by owners of beagles is ensuring that they do not chase off game—deer being the most tempting and problematic off game species. A cottontail rabbit might run in a circle a few hundred yards in diameter. A deer chase might take a pack of beagles so far away that you no longer hear them baying, and it ruins a day afield. Experienced houndsmen do not venture afield for a hunt with a beagle that will run off game.

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Dove and Dates

Posted on Friday 8th September 2023 05:16:24 PM

Here’s a new take on an old classic: bacon-wrapped dove poppers with sweet dates and crunchy cashews. You’ll appreciate the contrast of sweet and salty, and soft and crunchy.

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Posted on Friday 1st September 2023 01:17:09 PM

There had been no birds for at least an hour. The last dove that flew by was met with a string of pellets. The dove lay next to five others on an old heavy, weathered canvas bag that saw double-duty in the duck blind. I looked up at my father, and he was gazing into the blue sky. He must’ve sensed me staring at him, because he turned to me with a smile and said in Spanish, “Let’s stay the whole day out here.” I nodded in agreement and gathered up two frijoles negros sandwiches for us to eat. We sat and talked and continued watching for doves that never came. I was happy to spend all day with my father and not see a thing.

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Opening Day of Dove Season – Are Our Dogs Ready to Go???

Posted on Friday 25th August 2023 09:17:23 PM

It’s that time of year, the excitement has been building and dove season is just around the corner! We have worked our dove fields, gotten our camo out, and polished up our guns. We can hardly wait for opening morning, to feel the rush of birds coming in and the blasts of our shotguns going off!

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Scammer texting from 315-278-1945

Posted on Monday 14th August 2023 06:18:38 PM

Be on the look out for anyone texting you from 315-278-1945. This is a known scammer. Please do not deal with this person. If he does text you, please call him and talk to him on the phone, he hates that. He'll have an Indian accent and will be a little hard to understand. .

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Featured Gun Dog Ad of the Day

Posted on Thursday 28th September 2023 08:35:51 PM

Featured Bird Dog of the day. Ad created by DAVID STOVER. #gundogcentral #birddogs #birdhunting #upland #wetland #gundogs #sportdog #fielddog #hounddog #dogsofgundogcentral #sportdogbrand #gearthewayyouddesignit #huntdogmania #wearyourpassion #GermanShorthairedPointer

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Featured Gun Dog Ad of the Day

Posted on Wednesday 27th September 2023 07:16:00 PM

Featured Bird Dog of the day. Ad created by RANDY TANGEMAN. #gundogcentral #birddogs #birdhunting #upland #wetland #gundogs #sportdog #fielddog #hounddog #dogsofgundogcentral #sportdogbrand #gearthewayyouddesignit #huntdogmania #wearyourpassion #GermanShorthairedPointer

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Featured Gun Dog Ad of the Day

Posted on Tuesday 26th September 2023 07:35:39 PM

Featured Bird Dog of the day. Ad created by SCOTT DENNIS. #gundogcentral #birddogs #birdhunting #upland #wetland #gundogs #sportdog #fielddog #hounddog #dogsofgundogcentral #sportdogbrand #gearthewayyouddesignit #huntdogmania #wearyourpassion #EnglishPointer

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