The Bond

Kevin Erdmier | | All Hunting Articles
Posted 12/29/2022

Josh Billings once said, “A dog is the only being on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” This is something that has proven to be true time and time again. There is an undeniable bond between owner and canine.

This is especially true for “working” dogs, such as Police K9s and service dogs. They are specially trained to do jobs that their human counterparts can’t do themselves… including finding dangerous substances, alerting others if their owner’s blood sugar is too high or low, and even guiding their owners in unfamiliar territory. These canines have very specific and rigorous training, but they also love their owners unconditionally. They love to serve and spend quality time with their owners.

As a trainer, I get to bond with my personal pets and pets that I train. Each time a pet goes home we have memories and part of us is in each one of the pets we train. The pet will work and try so much harder for you. It is amazing to watch. Most customers don’t believe me when I say that their pet will work harder for them, but within a few weeks they call back to say that I was right.

I am still amazed at the heart and drive most of these animals have. They will give their life to make yours better. Why shouldn’t we try to make their lives a little better too? Take them on walks, sit down and let them lay on you, throw the ball one more time, get them regular check-ups, and feed them nutritionally balanced diet (Sportsmans Pride Limited Ingredient is what Southern Pine Kennels recommends). These are just a few things you can do to build the bond between yourself and your pet... many of them are free, and they have overwhelming benefits.

I currently have a 12-year-old Labrador that is an awesome retriever. He loves hunting and retrieving so much that sometimes I take him out even when I don’t want to go. He thrives on making me happy and he has for many years. I must now help him get in the truck, but I will continue doing so as long as he wants to hunt. I try to make it as easy and as comfortable for him as I can, just as he has made many hunting trips more enjoyable for me over the years. Whether you have a service dog, a K9, a retriever, or simply a cuddly lap dog... they are bonded to their owners for life. They deserve the love and loyalty they give to be reciprocated!

About the Author : Kevin Erdmier
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Kevin owns Southern Pine Kennel in Blackshear, GA, where he offers a full range of dog training services. They have indoor and outdoor kennels facilities and are state licensed. He is a certified dog trainer and fully insured. Kevin is an avid hunter, mostly wing shooting dove, duck, geese, quail, and turkey. He typically hunts in Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and Missouri. In 2016, he opened Southern Pine Kennel after training his own dogs for years. His program is designed for hunters that want to bring a well-mannered and trained dog into the field.

In 2017, he retired from U.S. Homeland Security after 26 years of Law Enforcement. His last duty was to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as a Firearms Instructor. For the last 10 years he has trained Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement in handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Students were taught proper safety, weapons handling, nomenclature, proper maintenance, and proper marksmanship. He continues to teach firearms to individuals in his community and contractually for Homeland Security

He is currently a Pro Staff member for Retay Shotguns. He is also with Heybo, Dakota Kennels and National Pro Staff. You can find him regularly posting about his dogs on Instagram and Facebook as @southern_pine_kennel.


About the Artist : Kate Hall
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Kate Hall is an outdoor artist who resides on an Angus cattle farm in Tennessee, where she began hunting at an early age. During her 13 years as a flight attendant, Kate visited 27 countries and all 50 states. She now spends her time traveling across the country in search of rising trout and upland birds with her husband and their English Setter. In his first two seasons they hunted on public lands in MT, KS, SC, AL, NC, KY and TN for quail, ruffed grouse, sharptail grouse, woodcock, pheasant, prairie chickens, and hungarian partridge. Upland hunting has enriched Kate's life and influences much of her colored pencil work.


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