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2020 has been a pretty rough year, to help make it better for one lucky person, we're giving away one FieldTrainer 425X, thanks to SportDOG Brand. Absouletly FREE, shipping included, absolutely no purchase necessary. To enter, just enter your contact information below so we can let you know if you won, your information will not be sold! You can enter as many times as you like, however, entering more than once won't improve your odds. Winner will be drawn December 4th and your collar should arrive before Christmas. We're so appreciative of SportDOG Brand and all they do for us and the whole Sporting Dog community. We know you'll love their collar! You can check out the FieldTrainer collar here : FieldTrainer

"The SportDOG Brand® FieldTrainer® 425X is our smallest and lightest e-collar built for in-the-field training or hunting with close working dogs. Consistency and perfect timing are critical to developing your sporting dog, so the remote is quickly and easily operated without having to look at it - which lets you focus on your dog and not your equipment. With only a slight movement of the dial and the push of a button, you will be able to deliver a tone, vibration, or one of the 21 levels of static stimulation. Use these stimulation types to communicate with up to 3 dogs (with purchase of Add-A-Dog® collars) out to 500 yards with any of the 425 models."

* By entering this giveaway, you authorize us to contact you if you are the winner. Your information will not be sold, but maybe used for promotional marketing by Gundog Central and / or SportDOG Brand in future promotions and newsletters.

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