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ALBANY, TX 76430

Member since 06/28/2010
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Breeds : American Brittany, English Pointer, English Setter, English Springer Spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer
Services : Boarding, Guided Hunts, Kennel / Breeder, Trainer
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Big Country Kennels offer experience, years of top results and unsurpassed facilities. We always have started and finished dogs from generations of breeding the finest shooting dogs. We also have over 20 years experience in professional training - where all dogs are trained on quail (not placed) on our 2 000 acre facility.

If you are looking for a new dog or want your dog trained pls give us a call so we can explain why we think we are one of the best alternatives in the US !

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German Shorthaired Pointer



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Bough a dog from Jon a while back and he is easily one of the most well bred bird dogs I’ve had the pleasure to be around. He has fantastic hunting instincts, is a natural retriever and fantastic conformation. And last, probably the best thing about his is that he has an off switch. Tons of energy and stamina in the field but calm in the home. You can really tell jon puts a lot of time and energy into ensuring he produces quality dogs.

Submitted by : Jacob barnes on 04/12/2020
Rating :

I’ve bought puppies, trained dogs and had dogs trained with them and you can’t go wrong. Very honest and dependable. Highly recommend them

Submitted by : Tim Everitt on 10/01/2019
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I spent a few months looking for a German Shorthair and when I came across Big Country Kennels I knew I found the breeder I was gonna buy from. I spoke with Jon about the characteristics of the dogs and what would best suit the area of Texas Im gonna hunt. I was impressed with the bloodlines and the easy going disposition of his dogs. I ended up purchasing a son of Pete and he is smart, great handling in the field and a great family dog. He is great with the kids. He wants to loves to please. I was so happy with my dog that I called Jon and I ended up purchasing a female. We got her when she was a little older. She was a little timid at first but man has she come out of her shell. She loves being in the field and her drive is second to none. Both my dogs went back for training with Jon and will be going back to be finished. I can honestly say these dogs are everything I want in a hunting dog. I recommend Big Country kennel not only because of the great dogs but the excellent service Jon provides as well.

Submitted by : Roberto Luna on 08/12/2019
Rating :

Purchase a GSP roan liver male nearly a year ago. He is smart, happy, healthy, and vey sociable. He loves all the dogs and humans he has been introduced to. We keep him in thae house at night, but he loves to run and play outside during the day.

His confirmation is outstanding. Probably the prettiest and friendliest bird dog I have ever owned. And I have owned a bunch in my 67 years. He is a natural born retriever that will retrieve anything and everything. He is still just a pup but I think he will be a great dog.

Best of all my wife loves him. He has spent a lot of time on her lap.

Jon has been great to work with. His GSP bloodlines are full of champions. Don’t think you can go wrong buying one of Jon’s dogs.

Submitted by : Ron Jaques on 07/27/2019
Rating :

I just have to say I went on a long search for a German shorthair pup looking through several websites and I came upon big country outfitters out of Texas and contacted Jon and spoke to him about his bloodlines and asked several questions. I spent quite a bit of time speaking with Jon and the biggest thing that stood out to me besides the quality of dogs in the bloodlines he had running was he told me that the dog that I was purchasing his parents and grandparents spent an average of over 100 days in the field hunting wild quail and those bloodlines and genetics would show in the pup that I was purchasing. And I can honestly tell you that everything he said was true I bought a puppy from him had him flown to me and started training immediately my dog is smart and picks up very quickly on whatever you throw at him very eager to please a natural retriever I have been out hunting with my dog at 17 months old now and other guys I go hunting with are blown away With his hunting ability and natural instincts that have been developed at such an early age.if you are looking for a quality gundog look no further thank you Jon.

Submitted by : Doug Davis on 07/17/2019
Rating :

Own a 1 year old male purchased from Jon. He is a great dog. Wonderful temperament and is a beautiful GSP, his confirmation is outstanding. Pretties dog I have ever owned, and I have owned bird dogs for 48 years. Good with our family and other family dogs (6). He is happy, healthy, and smart. House broke and kennel trained very easily. Loves outside during the day but he needs his human company at night. He loves to lay on the couch with my, she is probably his favorite human. He is a natural retriever and loves it. He is back with Jon for field training. Working with Jon has been easy. He has great facilities and set-up for training.

Submitted by : Ron Jaques on 07/13/2019
Rating :

I purchased a pup from Bigcountry 8 weeks ago.the pup was healthy and well socialized. Pointing and retrieving at QWERTY weeks, water retrieving at 14. I triained professionally for 25 years and was t grilled to find someone who has his pups ready for their new homes. I have high expectations for a field trial quality dog.

Submitted by : Larry Seybert on 05/07/2019
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