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Cesky Fousek

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As one of the oldest pointing dog breeds in Europe, The Cesky Fousek is also an excellent family dog. As a remarkable dog breed, it performs brilliantly as a hunter. Known to be exceptionally versatile, they can traverse different terrains and climates for game.

Unlike other varieties of pointing dogs, this intelligent breed is not stubborn. It’s obedient and easy to train. In fact, it takes instructions well and is always eager to please its owner. Thanks to its easy-going nature, The Cesky Fousek is one of the most social, extremely friendly, and affectionate dogs.

Want to know more about The Cesky Fousek dog breed?

In this post, we look at the history of The Cesky Fousek dog breed, learn about its general appearance, personality, and training, among others.

History of the Cesky Fousek Dog Breed

The Cesky Fousek dog breed first set its roots in the kingdom of Bohemia centuries ago. Ancient art from this era depicts a dog similar to The Cesky Fousek. By the Middle Ages, a Bohemian Water dog was created. The breed was wire-haired and recognized by Emperor Charles IV as the Canis Bohemicus.

During this era, dogs were documented but never had a name until 1883. Josef Cerny, a hunter, and author named the dog breed “Cesky Ohar.” The name “Fousek” means facial hair, and it’s derived from the word “fousy.”

This dog breed was named Cesky Fousek after a group of hunters formed a club called “Society of Rough Haired Pointer Cesky Fousek.” Located in Pisek, the club helped in bringing the dog breed to popularity.

World War I changed everything. How? It led to the dog breed’s numbers plummeting. The good news is, a group revived The Cesky Fousek from near extinction in 1924. They started a breeding program but did not follow strict breeding guidelines. It was not until much later when they adopted strict breeding guidelines.

In 1957, Czechoslovakia became part of The Federation Cynologique Internationale. The group recommended a new breed standard in 1958.

Official Recognition by Kennel Clubs

In 1964, The Cesky Fousek dog breed received official recognition by The Federation Cynologique Internationale. The United Kennel club also officially recognized The Cesky Fousek breed in 1996. By this time, the dog breed’s popularity was very high. As such, many people from around the world began adopting the breed.

People from nations such as New Zealand and Western Europe began adopting the dog thanks to its adaptability, versatility, and exceptional temperament.

General Appearance

Having descended from ancient wire-haired hunting dogs, The Cesky Fousek has a double coat. It consists of a soft, short, and dense undercoat together with a long, coarse and wiry outer coat. Each coat ranges between gray and brown.

The soft and dense undercoat is 1.5 cm and prevents dampness from penetrating to the skin. In summer, the dog breed completely sheds its coat. For the topcoat, it’s 3 to 4 cm long. It features harsh and coarse hair.

On the front part of the front and hind legs, the coat is coarse and shorter.

The eyes range from brown to amber while the nose color is brown. As an athletically built dog, its most noticeable trait is the facial fur. They have soft and bushy eyebrows and beard. They also have velvety ears which hang loosely on the side of their face.

Since they are water dogs, they have webbed toes. The muzzle is slightly longer than the skull, while the nasal bridge is slightly arched. The lips are strongly developed, creating a flexible edge to the muzzle. When it comes to the teeth, they are strong to ensure a powerful bite when retrieving prey.

Personality and Training

The Cesky Fousek dog breed is smart and energetic. Willing to please, it’s friendly and cheerful too. As such, it’s a wonderful companion for your children. Protective and loyal, The Cesky Fousek loves all family members.

What you need to know is that they are not happy when isolated from the family. If left to his own devices without leadership or exercise, a Cesky Fousek will become nervous and destructive. A hunting dog by nature, The Cesky Fousek dog breed has a natural keen hunting instinct.

Naturally gifted at tracking, the dog is quick to learn and easy to train.

Taking Care of Your Cesky Fousek

Exercise is of utmost importance for these energetic animals. In fact, experts recommend that The Cesky Fousek should be paired with owners who love hiking or running. Why? They need plenty of exercises. If The dog does not receive plenty of exercises, it becomes restless.

When taking long walks or runs with a Cesky Fousek, make sure the dog is behind the person holding the lead.


•  Brown
•  Brown w/ Tick
•  Dark Roan
•  Dark Roan w/ Patch

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