Flat Coated Retriever

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Flat Coated Retriever

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Flat Coated Retriever gun dog breed Description

The flat coated retriever is a gun dog that was originally bred in England. Its a versatile breed that can retrieve game from both the land and the water. Flat coated retrievers are hardworking, smart, and loyal; they also make great family pets as well as being good hunting dogs.

Flat coated retrievers are excellent swimmers; they are also agile and have an amazing sense of smell that they can use for retrieving in a variety of environments. They have thick coats and are a hardy breed that can retrieve game from thick brush, marshes, plains, lakes, waterways, and wooded areas.

Description of the dog
Flat coated retrievers are usually very happy dogs who are friendly and sociable. They often wag their tails and are loyal and smart. They are easier to train than many breeds, and most are very willing to please and will follow their owners instructions. They are quite intelligent and respond best when positive, non-coercive training methods are used.

Flat coated retrievers are medium sized dogs that grow to between twenty-two to twenty-four inches, with the males being slightly bigger than the females. They usually weight between 60 and 80 pounds.

The flat coated retrievers average lifespan is slightly less than similar breeds, and they are expected to live about ten years. Some do live as long as fourteen years.

Flat-coated retrievers make fantastic family pets as they are very gentle, particularly towards children and other pets. The breed likes to get plenty of attention and, in return, is fun-loving and friendly to everyone. They love affection and are a breed that is energetic and playful. Flat coated retrievers are often considered slow to mature; they seem puppy-like for the first few years of their life and often beyond.

As they are a retriever, this breed loves to carry things around with them in their mouths. If theyre not being used as working dogs, they enjoy carrying sticks. They dont usually chew excessively.

A brief history of the Breed
The Flat Coated Retriever dog was initially bred in the 1800s, although it didnt become popular until after world war one. The breed was created by crossing a variety of breeds, including the Irish Setter, Labrador, and St. Johns Newfoundland.

The breed was developed in response to the increased popularity of hunting and, in particular, shooting birds. There was a need for a dog who could effectively retrieve birds from land and water once they had hit the ground. The breed can excel in both tracking and agility tests when competing in kennel club competitions in America.

The Appearance of the breed
Flat-coated retrievers are usually black or dark brown in color. They have thick glossy fur which keeps them warm in the coldest of conditions, making them a great hunting dog. Their hair is medium length, and they have feathering under their belly, on their tails and legs.

The breed has long, soft ears that hang close to their head and also has feathering. Their dark eyes are almond shape and brown or hazel. Flat coated retrievers have fine fur, which needs to be brushed regularly to keep it in good condition. Their coat can also be trimmed slightly.

The Flat-Coated Retriever has a long head and a relatively flat skull with a long deep muzzle. The breed has a deep, broad chest and a short, square back. They also have strong, round feet.

If youre searching for a fun loving, friendly, and happy dog that loyal and makes a great family pet but can also be used as a hunting dog, the flat coated retriever is likely to be perfect for you.

Flat coated retrievers are great for hunters or for active families who are looking for a dog that can fit in with their busy schedule. These dogs have boundless energy and love affection and companionship from humans. They enjoy swimming, running, and playing fetch.

They are a versatile hunting dog who is good at tracking and retrieving from land and water. They are fantastic swimmers and have thick fur which keeps them warm in colder climates. They can efficiently retrieve birds and are considered a low-maintenance dog.


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