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The Florida Cracker Cur is a natural hunter. As an all-purpose dog, the Florida Cracker Cur is full of tenacity and courage. They are not afraid to confront predators - medium-sized or large. They are very loyal and have an excellent temper.

Most people often confuse the Florida Cracker Cur with the Black Mouth Cur. The latter is a well-muscled and rugged hunting dog whose coat comes in a number of shades and colors. It originates in the Southern United States. The Florida Cracker Cur is not easy going, but it has the toughness to confront even large angry cats. They are dauntless and decisive.

Often silent on the trail, the Florida Cracker Cur has a sharp nose to follow the game.

History of the Florida Cracker Cur

According to history, Spanish explorer De Soto brought the first stock of Florida Cracker Cur with him. He arrived in the Sunshine state in 1539 with cattle. Since the Florida Cracker Cur is an all-around working dog with a sharp nose, it adapted well to the swamplands.

Used as a cow and hog dogs, the Florida Cracker Cur worked side by side with cowboys. In fact, many cowboys praised the breed as a well-trained Cowdog worth the work of several cowmen. The cowboys used the Florida Cracker Cur to round up cattle. If cows escaped, it was the Florida Cracker Curs job to round them up and move them to the rest of the herd.

The cowboys trained some of the dogs to hold a cow by the leg, ear, or nose until it was roped and branded. When the dogs were not working with their cowboys, they were often used for hunting.

The Florida Cracker Cur is a fearless and courageous dog. They have a reputation for grit and toughness. Since they thrive on the chase, they are often used for hunting wild boar, deer, and other prey. Their retrieving skills are parallel to the Labradors. Due to the dog breeds size, they can navigate even small spaces on the hunt.

When not hunting, the Florida Cracker Cur makes an excellent guard dog.

Florida Cracker Cur Appearance

The Florida Cracker Cur is a well-muscled hunting and all-around work dog. The dog breed is usually brown, white, or black in color, with white spots on the feet and chest. According to the United Kennel Club breed standard, up to 10% of the Florida Cracker Cur dog breed coat may be white on the chest, tail, nose, or toes.

The coat is easy to groom because its composed of short hair. Occasionally, a brush and comb will remove the loose, dead hair. Its recommended that you bathe the Florida Cracker Cur only when necessary. Doing so regularly can cause skin problems.

They have medium-sized ears and a large body structure than most Curs. Due to its well-muscled hunting structure, the Florida Cracker Cur is not bred for its looks but its hunting and working ability. The dog can hunt small, medium, and large prey such as squirrels, rabbits, wild boar, and deer.

Florida Cracker Cur Temperament and Health

While the Florida Cracker Cur is tough and can confront even a bear or large angry cat, it has a strong desire to please its master. The Florida Cracker Cur dog breeds are courageous and have an excellent temper but not easy going like other Cur breeds. They are loyal, and you can train them to be good companions.

They are reliable guard and hunting dogs. In fact, they are tough and skillful hunters of raccoons, squirrels, and other prey. When cornered, they can conquer an angry wild cat or a bear.

The Florida Cracker Cur is very healthy and has no known deformities and genetic anomalies. However, some dogs have common hip dysplasia and minor eye issues. As active dogs, they require lots of exercises to satisfy their high activity requirements. When not hunting or working, its recommended that you take your Florida Cracker Cur for long walks and runs each day.

Florida Cracker Cur Training

The Florida Cracker Cur is a natural-born hunting and working dog. While it can catch a mad bull head-on or confront an angry wild cat when cornered, training is a must. Training helps to establish pack leader status. Its natural for dogs to have an order in their pack.

When you live with a Florida Cracker Cur or other dogs, you become their pack. Training helps to establish order and set the rules. A Florida Cracker Cur will communicate its displeasure with growling. Eventually, it may bite. To ensure this does not happen, you must establish that you (humans) are higher up in the pack order.

You must be the one making decisions, not the dogs. This way, your relationship with the Florida Cracker Cur will be successful.

If youre looking for the perfect hunting and working dog, we recommend the Florida Cracker Cur. This muscular dog is tough, courageous and will confront angry wild cats or even bears when cornered. Its perfect for hunting squirrels, raccoons, and even wild boar. The Florida Cracker Cur has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. To maintain the dogs physical condition and health, take it for a daily long walk or jog.


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