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The hamiltonstovare is a hunting dog breed from Sweden. The dog is an agile, active, and affectionate animal with some of the top qualities found in every dog breed across the world today. Hamiltonstovares can also be referred to as Hamilton Hound and Swedish Foxhound. The adorable puppies enjoy the environment found in the countryside. In case you want to take them home with you, you may be able to locate them at the breed-specific rescue centers or other shelters. Experts always recommend adopting puppies rather than buying them. Swedish Foxhound can make incredible acquaintances for anybody but maybe better comfortable living in remote places. They are great with families and kids of any size. These pets have much energy and will require a lot of practice. If you need a dog that will be a great companion to you, this puppy is the perfect one for you.

Features of Hamiltonstovares

They are relatively easy to groom since they have very short coats. Brushing them weekly would be excellent care for them.

The pups have mixed colors around the ears, on the legs, and head. You may also see white and black marks around the collar, neck, and face.

They have very high levels of energy. Ensure that your dog receives at least a 30-minute walk in a day followed by a few active game sessions.

Since hamiltonstovare is a powerful dog, they may be relatively boisterous for infants and small kids. But they cannot harm kids; it would be commendable if they play with teenagers or big kids who can properly deal with their energy.

They have an extreme prey drive since they basically developed to hunt a little game. Do not let them lose the game. You first need to skillfully train your pup in order to reliably understand and return your command, and with that, you will absolutely need a certain way to encompass your shelter, or they might even wander around.

History of Hamiltonstovare dog breed

Back in the late 80th century, Count Hamilton Adolf, the person who launched the Swedish Kennel Club, introduced the Hamiltonstovare dog breed. He focused on creating a hardworking and energetic dog who would perfect assist individuals hunt minor game such as rabbits and foxes. The pups were required to handle the untamed and mountainous Swedish landscape. The breed also operated its path to a Swedish narrative that analyses the tale of one of the pets touring around the landscape with an elf and assists various housewives.

Just like scent hounds, this dog breed can assist hunters either with the support of another pup or individually. The main focus is to lead the minor game toward the hunters. The hamiltonstovare is a hard-working dog and is capable of working independently. Currently, they still assist Sweden hunters, although they are becoming famous in several other nations, such as the USA. The USA also recently launched the Hamiltonstovare Club of the USA.

In 2006, the UKC (United Kennel Club) recognized this adorable dog breed. The AKC (American Kennel Club) also admitted the Hamiltonstovare in its FSS (Foundation Stock Service, the ultimate step before the full acknowledgment.


The dog is susceptible to various conditions faced by English Foxhounds and Harriers. Although most are typically healthy, some pups might be predisposed to few well-being problems, which is the reason why it is crucial to maintain frequent veterinary checkups and good care.

The most common health issues faced by Hamiltonstovare include:

Elbow dysplasia
Hip dysplasia
Ear infections


Since the Hamiltonstovare is an old breed, they have some size standards. Overall, you should expect to see the Hamiltonstovare with a medium size. Most of the weight around forty to seventy-five pounds and range from nineteen to twenty-four inches in height at the shoulder. Therefore, these dogs can be larger or even smaller than the standard.

Coat color

The dog has a mix of various colors found near the ears on the head and legs. They also have white and black marks on the collar, neck, and neck. They have a typical harsh and short hound coat. The hair of this dog, mainly around and in the region of the legs and head, is relatively smooth. Also, the hair under its tail and on the back part of the thighs is remarkably longer. They are relatively simple to groom because of their short coats. Due to their short coats, the dogs are not particularly fit for extreme weather conditions, so ensure to prepare thoroughly if you take them to a very hot or cold climate.


The beautiful pets are proved to love hunting on the landscape. They are average-size pets with high levels of energy, which simply means that they enjoy going out and playing with human parents. The pets are also loving and can cuddle and stay indoors with you on the coach. These hunting dogs are famous for being yapping, although they will surely back if they see suspicious people around their environment. Additionally, they have a sturdy prey drive and can sometimes be tenacious; you may need to be consistent and energetic with training to restrict any weird traits.

Bottom line

Since the Hamiltonstovare is somehow a rare dog breed in Sweden, it might be hard to get breed-specific rescue centers. Nevertheless, you can often check with just your local pet shelter. Launched by Count Adolf Hamilton, these dogs enjoy playing with human families and can only be able to be by themselves for short periods of time. They are perfect hunting pets for families of all sizes and can help to hunt in the countrysides.


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