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Lagotto Romagnolo

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The Lagotto Romagnolo is a small to medium wholly dog that was initially bred in the Romagna region of Italy. The breeds name has been derived from the Italian word Romagnol can lagòt, which means water dog from Romagnol. This breed was traditionally used as a gundog as they are excellent retrievers, especially from the water. The Lagotto Romagnolo is also used for hunting for truffles in Italy.

In recent times Lagotto Romagnolos have become a popular pet as they are relatively small and have a friendly, gentle personality. They are also quite intelligent and easy to train, which makes them an excellent choice as a hunting dog or as a family pet.

Description of the dog
The Lagotto Romagnolo is medium-sized and is usually between eighteen and nineteen inches tall. Males are generally slightly bigger than females. They typically weight between 32 and 35 lbs.

Lagotto Romagnolo dogs have a sharp sense of smell, which is why they are still used for truffle hunting in Italy and other European countries. This breed of dog is also loyal and loving and would make a great pet. They are an intelligent breed that can be trained quickly and easily. They are also fun and friendly and get on well with children and other pets. If they’re not being used as a working dog, Lagotto Romagnolos need enough exercise. They have an instinct that allows them to retrieve birds or sticks.

Nowadays, Lagotto Romagnolos are either kept as pets or trained to hunt for truffles, instead of being used as a retriever for shooters. They have a highly developed nose and are excellent swimmers, making them the perfect dogs for retrieving from lakes and waterways.

This breed also likes to dig, which is why they are an excellent dog for searching out truffles. If you get a Lagotto Romagnolos as a pet, it’s a good idea to provide it with a sandbox to avoid having your whole garden dug up.

A brief history of the Breed
The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed that was developed during Roman and medieval times. This dog has been captured in paintings, the most famous of which is an Italian Fresco by Andrea Mantegna, which was created in 1456.

The breed was used for hundreds of years as a water retrieving dog in Romagna, Italy. Gradually marshland reclamation in the area meant that the breed was no longer needed as a water retriever. It soon started to be used as a truffle dog instead, due to its fantastic sense of smell, searching, and digging abilities.

The breed became slowly less and less popular and, by the 70s, almost became extinct. A group of Lagotto enthusiasts saved the dog by creating a breeding program and forming ‘The Club Italiano Lagotto.’

Today the Lagotto Romagnolo dog is considered unique. It’s the only pure-bred dog that’s classed as a specialized truffle hunter. However, this dog hasn’t lost its retrieving ability and can work well on land and in the water.

The Appearance of the breed
The Lagotto Romagnolo is a beautiful little dog that has round eyes, wholly fur, and a brown coat, which varies from yellow to dark brown. They are waterdogs that can withstand the cold and have a waterproof coat that’s very thick and curly. The coat color varies a lot from dog to dog but can be a mixture of brown, white, and grey.

Opinions are divided as to how to care for a Lagotto Romagnolos coat. Some say that it needs to be regularly brushed, while others think their fur should be left to grow naturally. The breed has a curly coat that can become matted very easily. It should be carefully pulled apart, being careful not to tear out the fur.

It’s also a good idea to trim this breeds fur regularly as this helps them to keep clean and look neater. Its recommended that their fur is cut to around 1 ½ inch.

The Logotto Romagnolo is a fun and loyal little dog that’s great as a retriever and as a truffle hunter. Its also very affectionate and friendly, which makes the breed a lovely family pet. The breed has natural digging and retrieving impulses, and they need to have space where they can dig if they’re not being used for hunting truffles.

This breed is considered very rare, especially outside of Italy. Its thought that there are only about 500 in the USA.


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