Spanish Water Dog

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Spanish Water Dog

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The Spanish Water Dog is a breed that’s commonly used across Spain and other European countries as a sheepdog and guard dog. It’s also used as a gundog due to its ability to retrieve game from the water.

The Spanish Water Dog is a medium to large breed that’s strong and versatile. It’s also smart and loyal. The breed is genetically similar to water breeds such as the French Barbet and Irish Water Spaniel. It has a curly, woolly coat of thick fur.

Description of the dog
Spanish Water Dogs are generally loyal, happy, and even-tempered. They make great family pets as well as hunting dogs. They get on well with children but will usually bond more with one owner. This breed has natural guarding tendencies and would make an excellent guard dog. They are relatively quiet dogs but will bark a warning at intruders where necessary.

Spanish Water Dogs are energetic and active creatures who are excellent swimmers. If they’re not being used as a working dog, it’s essential to ensure that they get enough exercise. At least an hour a day should be adequate.

The Spanish Water Dog is very versatile and does well in a variety of jobs. They can herd sheep and are also good at retrieving, swimming, and guarding. The breed enjoys most canine pursuits.

The breed is very smart and driven, while at the same time being affectionate and loving, which makes them great family pets. If not being used as a working dog, the Spanish Water Dog should be kept active both mentally and physically. They like puzzle toys and agility courses.

The Spanish Water Dog generally has a lifespan of between twelve and fifteen years. Proper nutrition and regular exercise will allow your dog to have a happy and long life. The breed measures between sixteen and twenty inches to its shoulder and weighs, on average, thirty to fifty pounds. Bitches are usually shorter and lighter.

Spanish Water Dogs are naturally suspicious of strangers, so they make great guard dogs, as they are protective. If not adequately socialized, this dog may be fearful and sometimes even aggressive towards strangers.

The Spanish Water Dog is very smart but can also be a bit stubborn, which can be difficult for new owners to handle. The breed is, therefore, best suited for people who have lots of experience of training dogs. These dogs should be socialized early. They are very eager to please and respond well to positive rewards while training.

A brief history of the breed
Spanish water dogs are a woolly coated breed that has existed for thousands of years in Europe. The breed has been used to create several new breeds, including the French Barbet and the Italian Lagotto Romagnolo, as well as the Portuguese Water Dog.

It’s thought that the Spanish Water Dog first arrived with the Moors, Romans, or traders in Iberia. The breed was used for herding and guarding sheep and goats against predators such as wolfs in mountainous areas. They also assisted fishermen in coastal areas and were able to retrieve nets from over the sides of boats.

In more modern times, the Spanish Water Dog has been used to retrieve waterfowl for shooters. The breed is also commonly used as a sniffer dog in the Spanish police force.

The appearance of the breed
The Spanish Water Dog is a medium dog, that has a distinctive curly coat. Their coats need to be well cared for to stop them from developing dreadlocks. The breed is available in a variety of colors from black, brown, beige, and white. They are parti-color or tri-colored, and the secondary color is always white.

Spanish farmers shear their dogs each spring, with sheep clippers at the same time as shearing their sheep. Traditionally the Spanish Water Dog is clipped all over to stop its coat from becoming too long and getting matted.

The Spanish Water Dog is a very versatile dog that can be used for many roles. It’s a very smart and loyal dog that would make a great hunting companion and family pet.

The dog’s thick, curly fur will help keep it warm in cold weather, and it is generally considered to be a hardy bred. Its coat will need to be regularly clipped and brushed to keep it in good condition.

As the Spanish Water Dog can be a stubborn breed, they are best suited to owners who have lots of experience of training dogs.


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