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Jeff Davis
Posted 06/01/2012


You can now upload your own Avatar to this site! What is an avatar? It's just a visual representation of yourself online. It gives you a "face" online that people will remember, plus it makes for a more personal experience. This can be a picture of you, a picture of your kennel, a picture of your prized dog or a company logo. When people see your ads, your comments or your forum post, they'll also see a picture of your Avatar.

Why would you want to do this? Well for starters, it puts a face to everything you do on the site, this instantly makes you a little more trustworthy. It's a fact that putting a good head shot of yourself with your ads makes people trust you more, it lets them see who they are dealing with. Placing a picture of yourself online should also make you appear more responsible and reputable to prospective buyers because you're no longer hiding behind an online screen name, you're saying "This is who I am". You can change a screen name or create a new account, but you can't change your face, people will recognize you and remember if they've had good interactions with you or not.

How do you create an Avatar for your account? If you have an active account, just go to Update My Account information from the account details page. You'll see the avatar section halfway down the page, just click the browse button and select a picture form your computer. Uploading inappropriate picture will get your account disabled. Do not upload banner ads or other advertisements as these will be removed.