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Beagles are enthusiastic, cheerful, versatile, adaptable, and are naturally curious dogs. They generally blend in well with other pets and kids at home. Owning this dog breed is lots of fun seeing as they are very social, brave, and mischievous, making them easy to train. They will love your company, although when you leave them home unattended, they can be very destructive and bark a lot. They love tracking scents within the air, jumping walls, and making holes below fences. They may need a little more supervision when playing around with kids since they can get carried away in the playfulness. Read on to get more insightful information about beagles.

Beagles come in two varieties. The first category is the type that stands at around 13 inches should height or below weighing about 18 pounds, which translates to 8 kilograms. The second category is the group that weighs about 20 kilograms and stands between 13 and 15 inches tall. They tend to resemble miniature fox with squarely built strong and athletic bodies. Their skulls are also generally long and appear to be slightly domed. They highlight a square straight muzzle with a medium length.

You will also notice that beagles have broad noses that have full nostrils and have long droopy pendant ears. They have a deep chest, medium length tails that are carried high up, and a straight back and hardly curls back. Another feature that sets beagles apart is their beautiful big brown eyes, although you will notice that others have hazel eyes and an overall adorable face. Their necks are robust and medium length and feature a slight folding skin. They have a coat that’s medium length, close, sleek, and hard as well, making it very easy to groom. You can find beagle in several colors, including lemon, black, and tricolor, white, orange as well as tan.

Beagles are excellent hunting dogs away from being cute little companions to play with at home. They were created purposefully to become rabbit hunters. They have unique skills and abilities that enable them to track a wide array of game animals such as foxes, deer, bobcats, and many others, as mentioned earlier. Beagles are great to go with on hunting expeditions since they track other animals with their noses close to the ground, making it faster and more comfortable for the hunter to find the prey. Hunters who couldnt afford horses would follow beagles on foot and locate, kill or capture.

In modern hunting, beagles are trained to be flushers whereby they scare other animals and make them come out of their hiding place, including bushes and harrows, so those hunters access them. They have a strong sense of smell making, lots of enthusiasm, and endurance, making them a great companion for the chase. They have a distinctively unique bark referred to as the bay can be heard when deep in the woods. Hunters can also quickly identify beagle when in dark terrains because of their white-tipped tails. This way, the hunter cannot mistakenly shoot the beagle when aiming at the prey. Beagles are also very alert, smart, and intelligent and can sense any impending danger during hunting expeditions to keep hunters safe.

You can go hunting with a single beagle, in a pair, or with a bigger pack of close to 70 beagles. Its perfectly safe to introduce your beagle to shooting at the tender age of 18 months, after which it can continue hunting for about 7 or 8 years. You can take your beagle hunting on various locations, including mountains, hills, swamps, dessert, and even prairies Beagling, a sport where you go hunting with a pack of beagles used to be very popular with Americans and English people. However, due to restrictions on hunting hares, the practice of the sport has tremendously reduced. Kennel Clubs, however, still host Field trials where beagle owners can have fun testing out their dogs hunting skills.


Beagles are indeed great companions for hunting expeditions due to their alertness, energy, determination, baying, scenting skills, and their ability to drive trails. If you dont wish to engage in real prey hunting, you can let your beagle participate in activities such as drag hunting where they follow test a trail scent laid by a volunteer to test out their hunting skills. You also decide to be just happy with your cute little beagle at home, play with them, love them, and give them fun exercises.


Beagles came into existence back in the 1500s. This probably makes them the oldest dog breeds. Hunters in England would use this dog breed for hunting for small animals, including hares, rabbits, jackals, wild pigs, birds, coyotes, and many more. Beagles were also employed for tracking in France and Wales. It is believed that the beagle dog breed is a cross between various types of English hounds and the harrier. A beagle breed type is known as Pocket beagle was a popular choice for hunters who went hunting while on horsebacks, and the hunters could carry them within pockets of their coats before starting the hunt since they measured less than 10 inches. Beagles would also be used by hunters who didnt own horses or found hunting with horses cumbersome, and they acquired the title foot hounds.

There’s also lots of speculation concerning the origin of the name Beagle. Some experts say the name originated from the French word “begeule meaning gape throat, owing to the baying voice of this dog breed. Some, on the other hand, speculate that the name is inspired by the Gaelic word beag, which implies small or little. Beagles have since then been very popular with American hunters and after they were first imported to America when the civil war.


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