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Treeing Feist

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The treeing feist is a smaller breed of dog. The dogs have been bred for centuries to help humans in their hunt. The dog has been trained to chase the prey up a tree. The dog will stay at the bottom of the tree until the human arrives to claim their game or prey. The dog is often used to help their owner that is hunting raccoons but they can also be used to hunt squirrels and opossums. The dog is quiet when tracking the prey and they will alert their owners with a loud bark once they have found it. The treeing feist got the name because the feist referred to a small and noisy creature. The dog was often a mix of a hunting hound and a terrier. The treeing feist has a wide ancestral influence and there are loose standards on what makes up the appearance of this breed. The dog is mainly known for its hunting abilities.

The dog breed comes from the southern part of the United States and was trained for the hunting of small game. The dog can live in small and large homes as long as they get exercise.

In the 20th century, their breed did see a population decline. The dog breed was almost extinct. In the 1980s a group of dog lovers got together and formed the Mountain Feist Associations which later turned into the American Treeing Feist Association. This was used to protect the breed and encourage people to give this dog a chance. It has even been suggested that the dog has roots with the Native Americans.

Additional Information
The treeing feist dog may be a great hunter but it is taught to track the prey. The dog will not retrieve what its owner has hunter. They will chase it until their owner is able to come and collect the prey. The prey will be tracked and it will not be able to escape the dog. This is a breed that loves the outdoors. It is dependable and aware of its surroundings. If there are squirrels or other smaller critters around it will let the owner know right away. This dog wants to please their owner and is not aggressive towards humans. This breed is intelligent. Since it has been bred to hunt the dog has some great natural senses. The breed is quick to learn new commands and master them. They are experts at the chase and tracking other animals. The treeing feist has been known to be energetic and fearless. They like to run and they will follow their natural hunting instinct when they see a squirrel or other small creature.

The treeing feist is generally a smaller dog with a long body. The head is blocky and the skull of the dog is broad. There is a straight tail. The dog has short and smooth fur. The dog has a long muzzle. This dog can be just about any color and have any sort of pattern on the fur. The dog ranges in weight from 12 to 30 pounds. The height of this breed is usually between 12 and 18 inches. The average lifespan for this breed is between 15 and 18 years.

Coat Coloring
There is no set color for the coat of the treeing feist. The dog can have a white, brown, or any other color coat. There are no set patterns or marking. Some dogs may have a specific set of markers while others may not.

The treeing feist is a great dog for hunting animals and critters that can climb a tree. The dog will be able to track the prey and keep an eye on it until the hunter gets there. This is a hunting dog but it also makes a great companion. This is a gentle family pet yet a great hunting dog.


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Treeing Feist


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Treeing Feist


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