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The American leopard hound is a medium-sized dog with the body length slightly longer. With a very straight stretched tail and the ears are dropped. Typical dog hound's height ranges between 21 to 27 inches and weighs between 25 to 65 pounds for a female, and 45 to 75 for males. They are known for their masculinity and have powerful hindquarters that they use for hunting. And have a heavily double-coated body, with a very smooth hair lining.

Coat Color
The American leopard dog has three unique color patterns for which they are popularly known: the leopard, brindle, and concrete. Most may grow some white markings that cannot be more than one-third of their body color.

The breed features a rougher outer coat feel with a dense double coat. On the other hand, the undercoat feels woollier.

Temperament for the America Hound dogs can best be described as independent, energetic, affectionate, and loving. The same cannot be said for the rest of the hound, as they are known for their aloof characters. They can display an excessive act of love to their owners, especially children, and tend to get protective mostly when they sense danger.

Unique Traits
The excellent trait for the American Leopard Haunt is their eagerness to please and show off to their owners. It makes it so easy for their owner to mold them since they are easily trainable. And more to it, they have an extremely hypersensitive sense of smell and can be used as sniffing dogs. They can also work and sniff in the most extreme temperatures.

The American Leopard Dog has a very high drive to prey. Thus, they are mostly recommended not to be left alone with smaller pets without any supervision. Or be domesticated in an environment where its instincts may kick in and decide to hunt on the next neighbor pets. They are also capable of hunting larger animals than them, such as a bear. They are known to hold large animals at bay and corner them using their body language and eye contact.

Dogs are famous for their independent mind drive for which the case is no different from the American Leopard Hound. That also has a mind of its own and can similarly be as stubborn as the normal pets at home. So their owners need to express the act of patience or firm with them and understand its natural behavior. And also be able to manage this behavior.

History of Origin
The American Leopard Hound is one of the oldest of all the three dogs in America and believed to have originated from Spain and brought to America by the explorers and soldiers from Spain. Several theories are covering what could be the ancestral origin of the American Leopard Hound. And the most known being that the Spanish native dogs have been breed with the Mexican native dogs then later brought to the USA by soldiers and brought up and further developed to the common breed known currently.

It is stated that the early settlers used to keep large herds of livestock and build a wooden fence around the animals and let them roam freely into the compound with only the American Leopard Hound to guard them and would immediately track down the escaped livestock.

The ideal diet for such dogs should be one that is perfect for a medium to large dog. Most importantly, you must monitor their diet closely since if they consume more feeds, they will gain too much weight.

It would be best to ensure that you transform them from the puppyhood feeds to adulthood feeds to senior feeds, while seeking guidance from a qualified vet. Above all, you should consider hiring vet attendance for your American Leopard Hound since they are a common variation among them in terms of health. In any case, seeking recommendations from a certified vet could be very helpful.

Recognition And CrossBreeding
During the 20th century, these breeds declined in their numbers, which pushed for crossbreeding with various dog breeds, which led to the American Leopard Cur Breeders Associations formation.

Later on, in 2008, the Breeder Association and the UKC ((United Kennel Club)) changed their name to American Leopard, and issued approval for them to compete in coonhound events. In 2012, the AMC (American Kennel Club) recognized the dog breed as a part of their Foundation Stock Service. This incident was the first-ever step to the full recognition of the breed worldwide.

Health and Care
Though known as severe weather animals, the American Leopard Hound fall ill like any familiar animals. They can suffer from deafness, hip dysplasia.and even sight impairments, this may be due to their pretty long lifespan of between 12years to 15 years.

It would be best to make sure that you take them through regular veterinary check ups to help detect any health issues at the early stages. Vets can help to come up with and put in place effective care measures that will ensure that they remain healthy all the time. However, they do not carry hereditary illnesses.

Unlike other dogs, the American Leopard Hound doesnt require much grooming and intermittent brush and as they are good to go. The only time you are needed to brush them more regularly is during their shading season, so it is essential to touch them as often as possible during this period.

Exercise Regimen
Just like many other hunting dogs, these dogs need vigorous exercise. Their exercise should be as tough to keep them to their natural state and grow even better and healthier. Also, ensure to properly feed them after undertaking these exercises, for it is vital for their healthy growth. American leopard hound is not peaky eaters like the other breeds of dogs. They will eat either high quality, dry, or even canned food.

Bottom Line
In conclusion, the American Leopard Hound is a unique family or even an individual dog that everyone would want to have in their house. It is also the perfect dog to have in the rural countryside so you can go hunting with it as it can corner a prey without killing it until its owner comes.

For this reason, they are used by expert hunters to hunt for feral pigs and tracking of significant gangs. And at times, lost livestock as it was throughout their historical life.


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