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I bought this somewhat crude (but 100% functional) remote bird launch system about 30 years ago from a guy who was building them in his basement and selling them on a small scale. I think the big boys drove him out of business when they began making this same stuff.

If you’re looking for a remote electronic bird release training system that is way less expensive than a similar 4-unit TriTronics, Dogtra or similar system that sells for $1,000+, this one will definitely get the job done…and with proper care it should last the new owner for many years.

This set includes 4 traps (quail/pigeon sized) with the release electronics attached to each trap + a hand-held transmitter. Launches a pigeon 3-4 feet into the air. Everything is clean & everything works. Takes 24 AA batteries to run everything - and they last a good while. Range = 100 yards. Transmitter buttons & all traps are numbered so you don’t accidently release the wrong one at the wrong time. All you have to remember is which one you put where during training sessions (I used numbered stakes near each trap.) All units have ON-Off switches to conserve battery power and prevent accidental release.

I used this system every year for 20 years to train my own dogs (with pigeons) and it worked marvelously. After I stopped using it 10 years ago I removed all the batteries (to prevent leakage & corrosion problems) & put it in storage. Works as good today as it did the last time I used it 10 years ago.

Contact me by phone (269-808-0904) if interested or if you want further info. Price DOES NOT include shipping. Will package & deliver to shipper for the cost of the shipping only.

Update 5/20/20: This item is on HOLD until 5-28-20 pending receipt of sale funds.


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